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2015-12-15 04:20 pm
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Christmas cards and Zutto Soba Ni Iru Yo

I received Xmas cards from [livejournal.com profile] antimiya88 [livejournal.com profile] heavenly23 and my friend Vero! (and Christmas canes huhuhu (// v //) ) Aaaah... it makes me so happy receiving xmas cards from others cities and countries!


Changing the topic, I'm writing the 5th chapter of Zutto Soba Ni Iru Yo and I'll post it this week (hopefully). These last weeks I've been really busy with uni essays and this week is the due date so I'm really stressed OTL
So yeah you'll have the chapter 5 this week but probably a little later (friday maybe ? ) I'm sorry (ಥ⌣ಥ)
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2015-11-29 04:32 pm
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Aiba birthday and Christmas

I know it's not even December yet but I'm already writing something for Aiba's bday/Christmas OTL It came to me thaks to a [livejournal.com profile] heavenly23 's prompt and I liked the plot so much that I needed to write it asap.

It will be a pretty long one shoot (I think) and it will be full of angst, fluff and maybe - MAYBE - a bit of smut at the end (it depends on my mood).
I'm really excited about this fanfic in particular so I'm really hoping that everyone will like it.

Ah! Don't worry about the next chaper of Zutto Soba Ni Iru Yo. It will be up next week as I promised even when I'm writing this Christmas OS!!


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2015-11-16 10:56 am
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Rants _( _´w`)_

Why JE why!? щ(ಥДಥщ)
How comes Miyagi Blast released so soon!?
I have no money to buy it cause if I want to go to Tokyo in spring like I'm planning to do I have to save!!
I think this time I'll have to
toe the line and wait till I go to Japan to buy the RE there. I've been buying a lot of Arashi stuff lately *sighs* So yeah, no DVD for me this time OTL

Speaking of other things... Lately there are not Sakuraiba fanfics at all *sobs* I'm so thirsty for Sakuraiba... I think I should write my own fics (I'm working on the 1st chapter of an AU but I'm really busy lately and it's hard to wirte when I finally have free time cause I want to draw too) But the lack of SA fics makes me sad. Sakuraiba writers where are you!? щ(ಥДಥщ)

Ok, that was all. Now I should pay attention to class (─▽─)ゞ
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2015-11-15 12:30 am
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Sakuraiba selfie episode!

So... I read Japonism reports saying that Aiba bought an iPhone in a shop in Ginza recommended by Sho and I just can't stop my imagination...

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2015-08-18 11:59 am
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I just came back home!

I'm back from my trip to Amsterdam, Bruges and Paris! And I have a few pics ~


See my crappy pics here! )
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2015-02-02 10:51 am

Yokoso, Wagaya e ☆

Hello again!
Yesterday they finally made it official, Aiba is gonna have a getsu9 drama.
And not only that is a suspense drama...
I'm so excited about Aiba acting in a role like that! I just can't wait to April.
I'm so proud of him, really...


In another vein yesterday I won an Aiba's birthday giveaway...
It was the 1st time I won anything and it was Arashi relating, I'm really happy about it!!


And well... That's all for today!
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2015-02-01 02:20 pm
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First time writing here...

So... Well... To be honest I'm not used to post anything here even if I had an account for 4 years more or less XD
But as subbing comms has started to ask for entries to let you join them, I think I should start using this in a more serious way, right?
(Even if I have no idea of what to write LOL)

So... uhmmm... hello! XD I'll write my shit more often here!