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Last Christmas [Part 1]  
Title: Last Christmas.
Author: [livejournal.com profile] hinode91 (Aby)
Pairing: Sakuraiba.
Length: Part 1 of 2 (5000+ words for this part)
Rating: PG (for some swear words)
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst, Fluff.
Summary: Masaki works on a shop in Ginza. During Christmas season a really annoying customer keeps going there again and again. Is his intention just buying Christmas presents or has he another reason to visit the gifts shop...?
Disclamer: I wish I owned them, but sadly I don't.
Banner, beta and promp: [livejournal.com profile] heavenly23 (Estefy) thank you for this cute idea that I could turn into an OS! And of course thank you too for helping me with the most obvious mistakes and for the cuuuuuute banner!!

Last Christmas

December. What a magical month.

Every street of Tokyo full of Christmas lights, Santa Clauses in every corner, Christmas trees and decorations everywhere. The snow, the warm feelings, the love… It felt like living a real fary-tale… Unless you were working. Working on a shop. Attending thousands of stressed people trying to buy gifts for their loved ones as if they were going through a crazy furor of affection.
It was nothing like magic. It was like hell.

But Aiba Masaki was an extremely patient person, so he diligently helped each one of his customers giving advices, choosing colors, trying to make everyone feel satisfied with their choices. It was a hard task, but he always had a radiant smile on his face and he always was caring.

Even when the customer in question was annoying as hell.

“Yeah… I want to change it again. I don’t think my mother will like this color” if Masaki had to be honest to himself he felt less annoyed than he should when that particular customer went to the shop for the fourth time that week to change several gifts.

But he was as handsome as annoying.

“Well sir, you had already checked all the colors we have in stock for cashmere scarves yesterday, but I can show them to you again so maybe you can find the perfect one?” Masaki flashed a professional and charming smile and the customer seemed to lose track of the conversation “Sir?”

“Ah! Yeah! Please” the man nodded so fast that Masaki thought his neck should hurt.

“Ok!” he clapped his hands once with a resolved aura and turned around, looking for the scarves inside the mahogany drawers at his back “We have camel, poppy red, African violet, dark sea…” when Masaki took a look over his shoulder to make sure the customer was paying attention he caught him, to his surprise, staring at his butt as if he wanted to burn a whole in his uniform pants. Only when Masaki loudly cleared his throat the customer noticed Masaki’s eyes over him and turned completely red.

“I’m… I’m sorry!!” he sounded so troubled that Masaki couldn’t help but chuckle.

Not only handsome but cute too… Don’t, Aiba. Stop thinking that way.

“Forget about it” he downplayed it with a hand gesture and a shy smile before spreading out all the scarves over the counter.
He was used to female customers – habitually married women in their 40s – trying to flirt with him in the shop, it was part of his job to act charming with them so it wasn’t rare that they wanted more. But a good-looking man? Never. It was a marvelous change in Masaki’s opinion.

“Then sir…”

“… with me…?” Masaki was cut off by the incoherent customer’s mumble and he had to lean over the counter to hear him more clearly.

“Excuse me…?”

The customer’s red skin tone became brighter and just for a moment Masaki wondered if he stopped breathing, but then he burst into a, way too loud, flood of words.


Masaki couldn’t react at all, he had the customer’s face only a few inches away and he could feel his hot breath caressing his lips as the man panted. Masaki knew everyone in the shop was looking at them so he leaned back.

It was wrong. Why was his heart beating like crazy? He shouldn’t feel like that with a stranger, plus…

“I’m sorry… but I already have a date for Christmas Eve and Christmas day… with my boyfriend” he said under his breath before chuckling “And I don’t even know your name, sir, you don’t know mine either…”

“Oh…” The man looked so miserable that Masaki felt terribly guilty.

“I’m Aiba Masaki, by the way. Nice to meet you…” he pointed the customer with his hand, waiting for his name.

“I’m Sho! Sakurai Sho! Nice to meet you too, Aiba-san!” Sho bowed so deep that he almost hit his wide and cute forehead against the counter.

“Ok! Let’s make a deal Sho-chan!” Aiba, standing with akimbo arms, looked at the surprised Sho – who was mumbling “Sho-chan?” – with resolution shining in his eyes “If you choose a scarf once and for all I’ll go out with you when you want, excepting Christmas Eve and Christmas day… as friends, of course”

Sho’s grin was so big that his eyes became just two thin black lines. He was all smile and round cheeks.

“Then I want it pink!”

Holy heaven… how cute… Aiba you are in serious trouble.


“Stop it Aiba! Even if you keep whining I don’t know if I can make it for the 24th. Fuck! Where the hell is my Rolex? Hey honey, do you know where it is?”

The fact that his boyfriend were more worried about his wristwatch that about Masaki’s birthday and their Christmas date made him feel as if little thorns were piercing his heart. He was used to that feeling, though. Normally he would have let it go but, just once, he wanted Jin to choose him over his work. Even if it was selfish.

“But Jin-chan… it’s my first birthday since we are dating and I want to spend it with you…”

“How many times I told you to stop using the chan with me…?” he wasn’t even listening to his boyfriend, too busy searching for his watch “Don’t you really know where it is?”

“On the second rack on the living’s room bookshelf” Masaki’s voice sounded like a tired sigh.

“Thank you honey” Jin placed a kiss on his forehead and then headed to the living room, seeking for his beloved Rolex.

Sometimes Masaki couldn’t help but wonder if Akanishi Jin was his soul mate for real.

It happened on the Matsumoto Jun’s famous Christmas party a year ago. Masaki couldn’t really remember what exactly happened that night since he was really drunk. All he could remember was that he made love with someone, and the way it made him feel: cared, warm, loved… He was sure he found his soul mate that night.

It was a week later when Jin, who was his acquaintance since he was a kid, told him he was the person Masaki spent Christmas night with. And since that day they started dating. A year had passed and Masaki didn’t feel the way he did that night ever again.

Maybe I was mistaken…

“Listen Jin, I need to tell you something important…” Masaki whispered, but Jin didn’t even looked at him. He was closing his suitcase while cursing under his breath because it was too full.

“It can wait until I come back home, right? Now I have to go or I’ll lose my plane to Beijing”

Masaki were left with his mouth opened but he nodded at the end, looking away. His heart felt like a heavy rock inside his chest.

“I guess it can…”

“Good! Then I’m leaving” after another kiss on his boyfriend’s forehead he headed to the entrance with Masaki hot on his heels Before Jin could even open the door Masaki grabbed his coat and buried the face on the crook of his neck.

“Please Jin-ch… Jin… don’t go yet… You can take the next plane… Stay with me a bit more…” he begged, his voice slightly cracked.

Please, give me a reason to not give up on you…

Jin loudly sighed while turning around to face Masaki “What do you want now, Aiba?”

“I… I…” Masaki stuttered, his eyes fixed on the wooden floor like a scolded child “Can you make love to me like that Christmas night…?”

A heavy and dense silence took over the space between both men, it felt like a wall for Masaki. Jin was tense from head to toe and Masaki was on the verge of tears.

“Are you serious?” Jin finally spited out, grabbing the door knob as if he was ready to run away “I said I can’t lose that plane. If you need it so bad just do yourself a handjob” Masaki started trembling but as he said anything Jin continued “I’ll try to come back for the 24th ok? I’m leaving now” leaning towards his boyfriend he placed a fleeting kiss on his lips.

Masaki forced a smile and nodded, trying with all his might to not start crying. If he did it would be even worse.

“Take care and have a good trip!” his enthusiast tone shook a bit but Jin either didn’t noticed or ignored it. With a hand gesture he said goodbye to Masaki and left the apartment.

As soon as the door closed Masaki couldn’t handle it anymore and the tears started to fall down his cheeks.


Several hours later Masaki was still crying. Maybe lying on the sofa, eating short cake, and watching romantic drama movies was not the best decision he made in his life.

He was in the middle of The Notebook, crying like a baby because of Noah and Allie’s separation, when his smartphone suddenly rang and startled him so much that he almost fell out the couch. Seconds later he finally recovered from the shock and hastily grabbed the phone to check his messages. It wasn’t Jin, of course.

From: Sho-chan

Good evening Aiba-san, I hope I’m not bothering you. Just wanted to
ask if you are free tomorrow to eat with me? I discovered a fantastic
Italian restaurant and I thought that maybe you are interested
on joining me.
Sakurai Sho.

Masaki almost forgot that the day before he gave his number to that cute and handsome customer so they could hang out someday, but he didn’t expect a message so soon. Anyway, it was so much better than spending his free day crying at home.

To: Sho-chan

Good evening Sho-chan! Tomorrow is my day off so it will be
a pleasure to go out with you!
Just tell me when and where and I’ll be there! (^o^)
P.S: You are not bothering me at all.

Just a few seconds later Sho sent him an address and they agreed to meet there at 12 o’clock.

When Masaki went to bed shortly after he was not crying anymore.


That Sunday Masaki woke up much earlier than he used to on a day off. He showered, fixed his long and fluffy hair and headed to the bedroom to decide what to wear. The weather wasn’t extremely cold yet and after checking it on his mobile he decided that a long baggy white knit sweater together with a pair of bleached and strategically frayed jeans would be ok. To complete the outfit he added his black military boots and a leather jacket.

After spraying some Diesel cologne all over his neck and wrists he was done.

He couldn’t remember the last time he put so much effort on looking good. Jin stopped appreciating it a month after they started
dating so he lost all his motivation little by little, even when he loved fashion.

Oh! Jin… I should send him a message. He didn’t tell me if he arrived safely…

After doing so he made sure he took his belongings with him and headed to the street. The air was cold but the sun was shining brightly in the cloudless and intensely blue sky, warming the atmosphere a little, so Masaki decided to walk instead of taking the train.
Omotesando Avenue was one of the main arteries of Tokyo. It was full of cars and people rushing everywhere like little, busy and indifferent ants, as if they were immune to the Christmas spirit. For him, however, it was a bittersweet feeling. The Christmas decoration made him happy, he loved how the lights made everything shine, but the fact that he couldn’t enjoy them with Jin…

“You are early Aiba-san” Masaki, taken by surprise, almost jumped when he heard Sho’s voice behind him. Without realizing it he had arrived to the meeting point.

“You too, Sho-chan” he couldn’t help but letting his eyes travel by Sho’s body. His clothes were discreet – a black long coat, a simple black turtle neck sweater, a pair of light jeans and dark dress shoes – but they fitted him perfectly. Masaki had to control himself to not start drooling right there, reminding himself that he had a boyfriend. A boyfriend that lately was colder and colder with him and that almost didn’t touch him since months ago, yes, but a boyfriend at the end.

“I wanted to see you” Sho said, full of honesty, and it seemed he didn’t plan to because his face made him look like he was choking. Masaki felt half surprised half amused and a little bit flattered “I’m… I’m sorry, let’s go inside”

Maybe Masaki felt pleased but he needed to clear it up again.

“Ok Sho-chan but remember this is not a date. Only two friends having a lunch together”

“I know… I’m sorry Aiba-san” the man mumbled, staring at Masaki as if he was expecting him to run away.

“Let’s go!” Masaki opened the door and held it for Sho who smiled shyly before walking inside the restaurant.

The place Sho chose was a little and cozy Italian restaurant. The tables were solid and made of cherry wood. They were covered by little red and white plaid tablecloths and decorated with the typical Chianti bottle candles as well as violets inside thin white vases. Christmas music was sounding on the background – All I want for Christmas is you by Michael Bublé at that moment –. There were Christmas decorations too, of course: a huge Christmas tree in a corner, softly glowing, and green and red garlands decorating the furniture.

The atmosphere was so romantic that Masaki’s heart started racing like crazy as soon as he sat in front of the table the maître led them to.

Jin never ever took him to a place like that…

“I’m sorry, I didn’t expect it to look so…” Sho started, noticing how Masaki’s eyes were studying the restaurant.

“It’s perfect” he cut the man off who looked at him dumbfounded.

It really was. Even if Jin wasn’t there. Maybe because he wasn’t.

“Good evening sirs. I’m Giovanni and I’ll be your waiter today” before Sho could say a single thing one of the waiters approached to the table and, after giving them two menus, he asked them what they wanted to drink. Sho cleared his throat, still clearly embarrassed because of Masaki’s reply, and ordered his favorite Port wine.

“Are you sure this is ok…?” Masaki took his eyes off the menu and stared at Sho when he asked that.

“Of course it is. I’m not doing anything bad” he shrugged and a smile appeared on his lips “Don’t be so worried Sho-chan”

“I don’t want your boyfriend to be mad at you because of me” Sho whispered and Masaki felt like he was melting. How could that man be so adorable?

“He can’t. He’s in China right now” he sounded sadder than he pretended but even when Sho seemed to catch it he didn’t say

“How long have you been together?”

“A year now” his reply for the sudden question was fast and evasive. When he looked up he could swear he saw a hurt expression crossing the man’s face, but it was so fleeting that he wasn’t sure. Why would Sho, that met him that week for the first time, feel hurt because of that? It didn’t make sense “What are you going to order?”

“Ah… uhm…” Sho looked lost for a couple of seconds but then, suddenly, his face brightened up with the same smile he showed when Masaki accepted to hang out with him. It really made him look like a hamster… no, it was even cuter “Pasta pescatore! And you, Aiba-san?”

“That’s cooked with seafood, right? I think I’ll choose chicken riggies!” Masaki nodded, satisfied with his own choice but then his face turn serious and he gazed at Sho “You can call me Masaki, by the way”

“Is that ok?” Sho hesitation lasted just for the blink of the eye when Masaki confidently nodded “Then… Masaki”

A shiver crossed Masaki’s body like a lightning when Sho said his name in a husky whisper, his eyes shining with a feeling the younger couldn’t understand but that made his heart pound hard against his ribs, almost painfully. It felt like the sweetest caress.

Both remained in silence, intensely staring at each other, the music playing on the background.

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away.
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special…

“Have you decided what would you like to eat, sirs?” Masaki almost jumped off the chair when Giovanni appeared in front of the table, so suddenly that he was sure the waiter was teletransportated there. Sho looked like he almost had a heart attack too. Giovanni didn’t seem to notice it since he was too busy opening the wine bottle and serving a bit on Sho’s glass, though.

“Yes!” finally Masaki found his voice and could reply while Sho tried the wine and gave his permission to the waiter to fill both glasses

“I’ll have chicken riggies and my… friend pasta pescatore, please”


This time the silence was not intimate but awkward, both men looking away like shy teenagers. Almost a minute later Sho opened his mouth but Masaki was faster.

“And… what’s your job? You know mine but I don’t know yours yet. The only thing I know about you is that you are pretty indecisive” Sho’s surprised expression distracted Aiba so much – because, again, it was terribly cute – that he only came back to Earth when the man held a business card in front of his face.

It said Sakurai Sho, attorney at Sakurai & Associates.

“Oh! So you are the son of Sakurai Shun!” Masaki said and suddenly he freeze, placing a hand on his head. What was that déjà vu feeling…? It felt like he already knew that information, his mind trying to figure out when. But he was pretty sure that he never saw Sho before… right?

“Are you ok, Masaki?” Sho leaned over the table to close the space between Masaki and him, whispering, and the latter’s heart
skipped a beat “You look dizzy…”

“I’m ok!” Masaki jumped out of the chair and held up one finger “Just… give me… a second”

Without waiting for the reply he rushed to the bathroom and closed the door of the small room behind him. He take one, two, three deep breaths with his back against the wall until his heart calmed down. What the hell he was doing? Why did Sho make him feel like that…? Masaki buried his face in his hands, trying to stop his mind from crazily spinning. He needed something to keep his feet on the ground. He needed to talk with Jin in that very moment.

Almost desperately he took his iPhone from his jeans’ pocket and checked the messages. Nothing. Ignoring the soft pain that clenched his chest he dialed his boyfriend’s number. The ringback tone lasted for at least 20 seconds before Jin finally picked his mobile up.

“This is Akanishi Jin speaking”

“Jin, it’s me…” Masaki replied, taking a long and deep breath.

“Who…? Ah…! Aiba, honey! I’m really busy right now. Can you call me later?”

Masaki tried not to let his feelings overflow and his voice remained calm and low. His boyfriend anyway wasn’t paying attention at all to him, as usual.

“But I need to talk with you… You are always busy… you didn’t even tell me if you arrived safely to Beijing…”

He could hear a feminine voice at the background telling Jin, with a foreign accent, that they needed to go now or they would be late. That voice called him ‘Jin-chan’ and he didn’t seem to mind it.

“Ok… Listen honey, I can’t talk right now. I’ll call you later, I promise…” Jin interrupted himself laughing at something Masaki couldn’t hear. He had to wait several seconds until Jin paid attention to him again “I’m really sorry but Mei-Xiu-chan won’t let me waste more
time. We’ll talk later. Love you!”

“But…” he started but at the end he sighted and gave up “Yeah… no problem… love you too…” Masaki felt as if those last words raised blisters in his throat when he freed them and tried to hold back the tears that were burning his eyes, fighting to escape. He kept the mobile stuck to his ear even when the ending call sound came from the other side of the line.

Why does it have to be like this…? Masaki covered his mouth when the sobs became uncontrollable, the tears soaking his hand and face. Why did it have to be so hard and painful realizing that the person that was by his side didn’t love him at all? Realizing how mistaken and blind he was…

He was about to drown himself in a fog of depression and self-compassion when someone knocked the bathroom’s door, startling him. As he didn’t replied the person at the other side of the door hit it again, this time harder.

“Stop! It’s taken…” Masaki finally whined, his voice high pitched because of the crying.

“Masaki? It’s me. Are you ok?” Sho’s voice came from the corridor and Masaki’s eyes bulged. He tried to reach the latch to close it, but it was too late, Sho was already opening the door and caught the younger with his hand held up and tears sliding all over his cheeks, eyes wide open.

“I… I’m alright! Leave me alone!” Masaki tried to push Sho out of the bathroom but the man was stronger than him so he walked in and locked the door behind him. Before Masaki could realize it he was between Sho’s arms, the man’s face buried on his neck

“Wha… what are you doing, Sho-chan!?”

“Of course you are not alright. Why are you crying, Masaki…?” Sho whispered, ghosting Masaki’s skin with his breath. Each word felt almost solid against his neck.

“It's none of your business…” the latter replied, but his voice sounded soft and weak because, deep inside, he wanted to tell Sho what was wrong with him, why he was feeling hurt and a traitor at the same time. He was letting Sho hug him, after all.

Sho said nothing in reply but he didn’t let him go anyway, his arms tightened around Masaki until he surrendered and hugged the man too.

Masaki could feel how his heart slowly melted inside his chest, the pain went away and all that remained was warmth and a feeling of safety. He found himself thinking that Sho’s arms were the best place in the whole universe.

It was like an alarm to step back.

He wriggled out of Sho’s embrace and turned to the sink, washing his face with cold water. He wished he could stay under the tap forever.

“I think I should go home…” Masaki mumbled after drying his face with toilet paper.

“I won’t let you go, Masaki” when Sho declared that Masaki looked at him completely dumbfounded “You look terrible, I don’t know what happened but I don’t think leaving you alone is a good idea. So… we will eat that delicious pasta and then we can do anything you want”

Masaki felt tears building up again in his eyes.

It was the first time someone, excepting his best friends – Nino and Kazapon –, treated him like that. Why did Sho have to be so gentle…? It was unfair. Really, really unfair.

“Ok” Masaki finally accepted, wiping his tears with the sleeve of his sweater “Then after the lunch let’s go drinking”


“We didn’t even have proper sex for months!” Masaki hit the bar’s wooden surface with the bottom of his pint of beer. It was the fifth one.

Slowly the alcohol made Masaki more and more talkative and open and by the third beer he began to talk about Jin, encouraged by Sho. The lawyer knew it was foul play but he couldn’t help it, he wanted to know more about that Akanishi guy and why someone like Masaki had to cry because of him.

“How come you didn’t?” Sho’s alcohol tolerance was higher than Masaki’s, plus unlike the younger he only drank two beers.

“I don’t know… maybe I’m not attractive anymore. Yeah, probably that’s why he uses me to relief himself… Or maybe he fucks me out of pity, because I’m pretty sure he cheats on me…” Masaki’s voice became lower and lower with every word until it was less than a whisper.

“And why are you still with him?” the blunt and serious question took Masaki by surprise.

“Because… I was really mistaken” the remaining beer on the jar disappeared down Masaki’s throat. When he talked again his voice was shaky and weak “I thought he loved me… but it seems he doesn’t”

“I think you are attractive, pretty, cute and handsome, by the way. It’s not your fault at all” Sho said under his breath, as if it was a secret or a confession, and leaned towards Masaki until their faces were just a few inches apart. Only when an amused and dizzy smile appeared on Masaki’s lips Sho realized what he was doing and sat up.

“Well… I think exactly the same about you, Sho-chan” Masaki giggled and grabbed Sho’s sweater to pull him closer again. Normally he wouldn’t do that, flirt with a man that was obviously interested on him while having a boyfriend. But his boyfriend was miles away, probably in a hotel room with Mei-Xiu-chan and his veins were full of alcohol. He just wanted to feel loved, even if it was a lie, even if it was love from a completely stranger.

“Masaki…” Sho’s tone was warning him, but his eyes were inviting with his completely dilated pupils. Masaki dropped his gaze to the lawyer’s plump lips when he wetted the bottom one, leaving them agape afterwards. He leaned in, his hands clenched on the fabric of Sho’s sweater and his expression pleading.

“Sho-chan I want…” however, Sho would never know what Masaki wanted because suddenly he covered his mouth with a hand, hurriedly left the stool… and he didn’t even reached the bar’s bathroom before throwing up even the coffee he drank that morning.


Someone was drilling his head from the inside with all their might and something really sharp.

That was the first thing Masaki’s mind could form when he regained consciousness. The next thing he noticed when he opened his eyes was that all he could see was darkness, even when the curtains of the room were opened. A room that, by the way, wasn’t his… Where exactly am I and what exactly happened…? His head ached too much to force it to remember that crucial information, so Masaki opted for his plan B: Investigate.

He couldn’t almost see anything in the darkness but thanks to the surrounding buildings’ Christmas lights he could find the door. It opened with a creak that pierced Masaki’s brain and made him grimace in pain. The corridor was dim too but he managed to get to the living room, from where soft snores could be heard from time to time.

The sight he found on the sofa was one of the cutest things he had ever seen.

Sho was completely spread-eagled over the couch – still wearing the same sweater and jeans from that evening –, his full lips were half-opened and he was adorably snoring. His eyelashes were so long that created shadows over his round cheeks, and Masaki felt the impulse of kissing them, of kissing all his face actually. He was breathtakingly beautiful.

It was impossible to resist.

He kneeled next to the sofa and brought his fingers to the man’s neck, caressing his tanned skin feather-like with the tips and tracing it from the base to the jaw. His cheek was so warm and soft that he couldn’t help cupping it with his hand… and his heart almost stopped when Sho’s hand covered his, pressing Masaki’s palm against his cheek.

Sho’s eyes were opened now and he was staring at Masaki in silence, their pulse rushing in their veins. There was no need of saying anything, it was something instinctive, natural. Both men got closer in unison and their mouths met halfway.

It was not a real kiss, at least not at first, they were just trying each other’s lips, teasing, sucking and nibbling, feeling their breathings and playing around. But then Masaki opened his mouth, welcoming Sho’s tongue.

That was their damnation.

Masaki’s fingers tangled in Sho’s hair, desperately bringing him closer as their tongues were twirling against each other, and the latter wrapped his arms around the younger man to pull him over his body. Masaki felt drunk again, but this time wasn’t alcohol’s fault. It was Sho. All about him: his soft but demanding lips, his scent, every corner of his body, the way his hands roamed his back,
bringing them lower and lower, pressing the younger man against him until it was almost painful…

It felt strangely familiar, as natural as breathing, as if Sho was…

Masaki pulled back out of the blue, leaving Sho with a confusing expression when he got off the couch heavily panting “Are you ok…?”

“I’m… yes… No. I’m not ok… I just…” Masaki rubbed his face, trying to clear his mind that was a mess of mixed feelings. That déjà vu feeling was driving him crazy “That was cheating on my boyfriend. It wasn’t ok… I drank too much”

“I don’t think it has nothing to do with alcohol”

Sho’s words felt like a punch on his stomach. He was right, though. Masaki wasn’t stupid and he knew pretty well how attracted he felt towards Sho, so much that it was scary. But even so, and even if he knew that Jin had a lot of ‘friends’ it didn’t felt like the right decision.

“I should go…” looking around he found his parka and quickly fished his iPhone from the inside pocket to call a taxi.

“You don’t owe him anything, Masaki” Sho whispered. He wanted to be gentle, to mind his own business, and to not force Masaki but it was so frustrating how the young man would come back again and again to that dickhead that was his boyfriend.

“I know… you wouldn’t understand Sho-chan… Can you give me your address?” Masaki covered the mobile’s microphone, looking him out of the corner of his eye and Sho understood that he wouldn’t change his mind.

“Ok” Sho sighted and gave in. He dictated Masaki his address after getting off the sofa, leaning against the living room’s window. Even when he refused to look at him he could hear Masaki putting his coat on and walking to the door. It opened but he couldn’t hear it closing.

“I’m… I’m sorry I gave you false expectations, I didn’t intend to” Sho didn’t answer to the mumbled apology. Masaki probably interpreted that he was angry since seconds later he left the apartment, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Through the window he observed Masaki get on the taxi in the middle of the snow that just started falling.

Of course he felt annoyed. Of course it was frustrating. But anyone could beat Sho on being stubborn.

I won’t give up so easily.


A/N: Well, well, well... Here's the 1st part of my Christmas OS. This OS is a part of my birthday present for Aiba! And it's a Christmas present for you too. That's why the second part it's supposed to be posted on the 25th (tomorrow lol) but since I will be out for the Christmas lunch I don't know if I'll be able to post it or it will have to wait until the 26th or the 27th I'm sorry OTL But I promise I'll post the second part asap!! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this 1st part!! ヾ(≧∀≦)ノ゙

A/N2: Happy birthday Masaki, my dear Masaki. Thank you for every smile, every joke, every cheering word. If I'm still here it's mostly because of you (and Arashi in general of course), but especially for you. Please keep being the awesome, sweet, humble person you are. Never change cause you are perfect just the way you are. And thank you for being born...... No, thank you Aiba's mama for always giving birth to him!!! I really really really love you Aiba Masaki, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a shower of presents!!

A/N3: This week will not be Zutto Soba ni Iru Yo new chapter since I've been working on this. But you will have the 6th chapter next week!! Remember neither me, nor Estefy are native english speakers so please forgive the terrible mistakes!


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Of course not!!!!! It was epic!! XDDDDDD

Thank you!! (>w<) I'll try to post the second part asap!!

Thanks for reading and commenting!!
[identity profile] flitterfly5.livejournal.com on December 24th, 2015 11:17 am (UTC)
What a sweet and romantic story so far! I adore the way Sho is such a perfect gentleman who give Aiba all the happiness he deserves.

Thank you for sharing! And happy Aiba day!
[identity profile] hinode91.livejournal.com on December 29th, 2015 03:39 pm (UTC)
Yes (// v //) Sho really wants to make Aiba happy!!

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I was reading and reading and somehow cheering on for Sho along the way.. hahahah.. Can't wait for the second part. . Thank you for the story :)

[identity profile] hinode91.livejournal.com on December 29th, 2015 03:40 pm (UTC)
Cheer him, he deserves it :'>

I promise I'll update soon!!

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[identity profile] hatorisachiyo22.livejournal.com on December 24th, 2015 01:47 pm (UTC)
Ganbatte, sho-chan!! You have my support!! Take Masaki back!! I really hate it when Jin initiated to date Masaki and then just leave him whenever he wants.
[identity profile] hinode91.livejournal.com on December 29th, 2015 03:40 pm (UTC)
Jin is a dick here (I'm sorry Jin fans (?)) (>_<)

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OMG!!! Love the plot
Cant wait for the nx installment
Please hurry, to mend aiba's broken.heart
[identity profile] hinode91.livejournal.com on December 29th, 2015 03:41 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you are liking it!!

I promise I'll update asap! T__T I'm having busy days!

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looking forward for next chapter
I wonder if Masaki make a right decision
thank you for this
[identity profile] hinode91.livejournal.com on December 29th, 2015 03:41 pm (UTC)
Fufufu he will he will ~ (// v //)

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Aby I read it last night but only had time to comment now!
My poor bb Masaki with that evil Jin... >< He met his Sho though, cute and caring!^^ And yes Sho! You shouldn't give up!
I can't wait to see what happens in the next part!

Thanks for sharing dear! <3

[identity profile] hinode91.livejournal.com on December 29th, 2015 03:43 pm (UTC)
I'm sure you know what will happen, after all you are a writer hahahaha

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What an amazing plot, that Jin bastard....

I'm in conlit with myself... as Masaki is confused too

We all noticed how perfect Sho is - and probably he is the guy of the last Christmas - but cheat is wrong >.<

Masaki need to be happy and THANKS GOD this perfect Sakurai don't will give up easy ♥

Waiting the next Aby!!!!

[identity profile] hinode91.livejournal.com on December 29th, 2015 03:46 pm (UTC)

Shhhhhhh I can't say anything it would be a spoiler (it's pretty obvious uh? XDDD)

He won't give up!! He likes Aiba too much!!

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OMG!!! Ganbatte. Sho!!
*O* looking forward to part two!
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