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Title: Zutto Soba Ni Iru Yo.
hinode91 (Aby)
Pairings: Sakuraiba (main), Matsumiya (side).
Chapter: 5/?

Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, smut, angst, AU.
Sho Sakurai is the youngest candidate to minister of economy in Japan's history. He's well educated, smart and really rich but he's living a double-life: At night he goes to Ni-chōme, using a fake name to hunt one-night stands.
Masaki who is celebrating his job promotion in the gay district runs into Sho, who tries to hit on him.
But Masaki already knows who he truly is...

Disclamer: I wish I owned them, but sadly I don't.
Banner and beta: heavenly23 (Estefy) thank you waifuuuu

Plot: From a roleplay I did with heavenly23 (Estefy) [Not a collab]

Chapter 5

Just a week later Masaki lost all his hopes again.

The place Sho took Masaki this time was a yakiniku restaurant. Masaki was happy to learn new things about the man, things like discovering that Sho preferred small and normal restaurants instead of fancy and expensive ones. He was eager to learn more and more facts about that man, somehow he felt that he had a countdown over his head.

“So… why is your eye black? I forgot to ask yesterday” they were already sat, cooking the meat and vegetables on the grill placed on the center of the table.

“Jun went crazy when I said all those terrible things about you…” Sho mumbled, his eyes fixed on the sizzling meat “So he punched me with all his might. It was the first time Jun hit me”

“Oh my… I’m really sorry!!” Masaki replied, breathless because of the surprise, but Sho downplayed it with a hand gesture.

“I deserved it” Sho shrugged it away.

The food was delicious, Sho and him talked a lot about politics – actually Sho talked a lot about them and Masaki listened to him deeply admired – and all seemed to work perfectly.

It would have been actually perfect if the same pattern didn’t repeat again and again over the whole week: first they would have lunch or dinner together, then (great) sex in a love hotel or Masaki’s place, then Sho would leave.

No kissing or pampering before or after sex. As Sho made clear they were just friends. Friends that had wonderful sex, but just friends. There was no advance at all.

“Masaki…? Are you listening to me?” Sho’s voice suddenly brought Masaki to Earth and the boy looked at him with a mixture of confusion and guiltiness.
They just left the restaurant where they had dinner, the air was pretty chill for a night of mid-October and Masaki was way too busy trying to not throw a self-compassion party when Sho talked to him while putting on his coat.

“Ah… I’m sorry Sho-chan, I wasn’t listening” Masaki whispered. He wasn’t good at all hiding his emotions. Normally he was bright and enthusiastic about everything, but when he was sad… well, he was kicked directly to the other side of his mood. He still wanted to spend time with Sho, it was fun and it made him happy, but when he stopped to think about it – to think about it for real – he felt… empty.

“Are you ok? You seem in the clouds today” Sho looked at him with half-opened eyes, as if he were scanning the boy seeking for the problem.

“Yeah! I’m ok! Let’s go!” Masaki forced his more excited tone and grabbed the man’s arm to pull him towards the parking where they had left the car. Of course Sho wasn’t tricked by his acting and, as soon as they reached his Audi A4, the man pinned Masaki against it holding his wrists.

“Tell me what’s going on, Masaki. If you are not honest with me this won’t work” his voice, demanding and serious, echoed in the empty parking. Masaki said anything and Sho’s fingers tightened around his arms but when he spoke again his attitude was softer, almost sweet “I need to know or I won’t be able to fix it”

“I… I’m just…” Masaki stuttered. He was sure if he said what he was really thinking Sho would run away and won’t come back. Besides, he knew he needed to be more patient, he was being greedy and eager “I’m tired… so I think today I should go home…”

He dropped his gaze to the floor, probably Sho would give up on him after that. He was rejecting the sex part of the day, the part that was the main one for the man…

“It’s Friday…” Sho freed Masaki’s wrists and scratched his head with a… was that a shy expression on his face? “Why don’t you come to my place and we have a few drinks…? You didn’t visit it yet…”

Masaki’s eyes bulged when Sho’s reply hit his mind and his words came out like a babble.

“But you said… you said you won’t invite me to your house”

“Well… I said you were pathetic and that I didn’t want to see you again too. We are friends now, aren’t we?” Sho shrugged and stared at Masaki, waiting for his reply.

Masaki wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, his feelings were contradictory. He wanted to deepen his friendship with Sho but it terrified him. If his feelings for Sho kept growing it would be even more painful, but he didn’t want to quit trying. He looked up at the man and his heart skipped a bit with the sight.

Sho’s face was full of anxiety and concern. He was making Sho worry about him.

You knew this relationship would be like that since the beginning.

“Yeah, of course I’ll go. I’m curious!” a smile, a real one, parted Masaki’s lips. Every little, tiny, microscopic advance was like a sweet wound on his heart.


The car trip to the outskirts of Tokyo was silent. Masaki wasn’t sure why Sho was so quiet but in his case it was because he was extremely nervous. Even when Sho didn’t tell it Masaki could feel his house was an important place for him, not in the normal meaning of the word but as a refuge, a place where he could be who he really was. That’s why as Nino told him – informed by Jun – Sho wasn’t used to invite almost anyone to his house.

And Masaki couldn’t help but feeling special.

Sho’s place was close to a residential area halfway between Tokyo and Yokohama, but far enough to look isolated in the middle of the, at that moment, orange and yellow forest. In the middle of birches and ash trees the building was rising like a big, pure white block standing out in the darkness of the night.

It was an almost perfect squared two-floor single family home. The white walls were covered in large windows, none of them had curtains, and it was surrounded by a garden delimited by a wooden fence. It made a strange but harmonious contrast with the forest behind it.

“Wow… politics produces a lot of money…” Masaki mumbled staring at the house, his nose almost stuck to the windshield.

“I saved for years to build this house” Sho finally spoke and the boy looked at him astonished. Did he just say “to build this house”?

“You built it!?” his voice sounded high pitched because of the surprise and Sho exploded in such a hard burst of laughter that he needed to stop the car in front of the garage door.

“I paid a builder company to do it for me! How would I build it by myself, Masaki!?” Sho was still laughing with his forehead against the steering wheel. Masaki folded his arms and slightly pouted, although he was trying to conceal a smile “Aaah… Masaki you are so weird”

“I’m not weird” the boy complained while Sho was parking the car inside the garage.

“Yes you are. You are here”

Masaki couldn’t understand what Sho meant but didn’t asked either and just followed the man to the door that connected with the house. He perfectly knew that it was better not to deepen yet.

“So… here we are” Sho whispered, turning on the lights of the first floor “Take off your shoes, please”

It was a wide open space where the living room and the kitchen were only separated by a table and a few chairs surrounding it. All the decoration was set in black, red and white shades. The walls were, of course, white too and the floor was made of walnut wood which was warm to the touch when Masaki removed his dress shoes. In of the corners there was a grand piano.

“It’s really stylish” Masaki commented, loosening the knot of his tie and unbuttoning his coat and suit jacket.

“Thank you. I worked a lot on it” Sho hanged their coats next to the door and then guided Masaki to the kitchen zone. Close to the white worktop there were two wine cabinets full of bottles and the boy couldn’t hold an admired sound.

Masaki was young but he loved alcohol, especially beer and wine, so it felt like paradise for him. He couldn’t even imagine how much all those bottles could have cost. Probably more than his apartment.

“What an amazing collection…” he whispered trying to examine the bottles without touching them, afraid of breaking something.

“Do you like wine?” Sho didn’t bothered to hide his surprise when Masaki nodded, looking at him with an amused smile “You… don’t look like the kind of boy… man who likes…”

“Boy…” Masaki chuckled. He sees me as a kid, fantastic, he sighed internally “I like wine… I don’t know much about it, though. I just like to drink it”

“Then let me recommend you…” Sho approached him until their arms were touching and Masaki felt as if electric shocks were traveling by his veins. Somehow Masaki was sure Sho was doing it on purpose. The man had to know how divine he smelled, how tempting his neck looked when he threw his head back to search for the bottles that were in the higher part of the shelves… “This one. A Graham's Single Harvest from 1972”

“It sounds really expensive…” Masaki cleared his throat, trying to stop thinking about Sho’s neck, or about his arms, or his hands, or his…

“So expensive that I’ve only drunk it twice since my father gave it to me” Sho’s eyes shined with a mischievous glow when he handed the bottle to Masaki, and for a moment he looked like a child “I reserve it for special occasions”

Those words were like a slap for Masaki, and at the same time they made his heart pound like crazy, almost painfully against his ribs. Did Sho have an idea of how much impact his words had on him? Masaki doubted it. Unfair… he thought, staring at the beautiful bottle between his hands.

“Bring it here” Masaki meekly obeyed when Sho, who was searching for a couple of glasses inside one of the kitchen cabinets, pointed the worktop at his side “Have you ever heard about Shirone Grape Garden in Niigata?”

Masaki frowned, a bit confused, but nodded.

“It isn’t that place where you can pick strawberries?”

“And grapes and pears… It depends on the season. But they produce their own wine, you know? And it’s one of the greatest wines I have ever tried, even when it’s off-brand” after serving the wine in both glasses Sho took them and the bottle and headed to one of the red couches with Masaki hot on his heels “If you like wine we could go together, eat there and pick strawberries? I really want to go again, but I haven’t met someone I could bring with me until now”

Shit... that sounds a lot like a real date, no sex involved. Play it cool, Masaki, while he was thinking that he drank half of the glass of wine in one go without noticing it “Why didn’t you go with Matsujun?”

“I would never go with Jun to a place like that. It’s so…” Sho grimaced and waved the idea off “I wouldn’t, that’s all” Masaki wanted to ask why and what ‘so…’ it was, but Sho stopped him even before he could open his mouth “But now that I have a new friend I’ll take advantage of it”

No doubt you are taking advantage of me. It felt like someone was clenching his heart. Even so Masaki nodded again, pulling a smile. He almost could see his hopes deflating like a pricked balloon.

But of course, he couldn’t resist.

“Yeah, why not? I’ll go. It sounds funny”


It was past 2 a.m. and the bottle of Graham's Single Harvest was empty and abandoned on the white coffee table downstairs. Masaki and Sho had moved to the second floor long ago, they were supposed to be watching a movie, lying on the bedroom’s chaise-longue… At least until Sho attacked Masaki and kissed him with a raw and irrational hunger. The Avengers totally forgotten.

Thereafter they spent hours drowned in a mess of kissing, talking and alcohol. It was new. They were making out but Sho didn’t tried to go further, and he didn’t want to. He was treasuring every minute, every gasp Masaki let out, every word and every gaze they shared.

A couple of minutes later they took a break to breathe – rather voraciously stare at each other – and Sho’s eyes wandered to the projector’s clock.

“Shit… it’s so late…” he mumbled, Masaki’s eyes shot to the clock too and he hummed.

“I should go…” the alcohol made him sound sleepy and lazy while he was clumsily trying to fish his phone from his pants’ pocket “Where’s my iPhone…? I need to call a taxi”

“I think you left it in your coat. But you don’t need it”

“Sho-chan I just said I need it because…” Masaki started patiently, like someone would talk to a kid.

“And I said you don’t need it because I’m offering you to stay over”

Masaki blinked up to Sho, his expression totally blank. Why didn’t Masaki reply? The boy was just… staring at him. Probably it was the first time he felt so anxious about what someone else was thinking. But then Masaki slowly nodded, his doe eyes opening more and more.


A charged thrill ran through Sho’s body just hearing him accepting but he wasn’t sure if it was because he wasn’t expecting Masaki to say ‘yes’ or because it was terribly frightening that he did. He got off the sofa and walked to the closet.

“Stay there, I’ll give you some clothes to sleep” several seconds later Sho came back to the couch, already on his own sleeping clothes – a pair of sweatpants and nothing more –, and gave Masaki a pair of yoga pants and a tee. It was a delight to see Masaki undressing: slowly unbuttoning his shirt, unfastening his belt and pulling down his suit pants until the only thing that covered his body was a pair of briefs, showing all that soft and tempting skin. Fuck, he wanted to lick it so bad…

“Are you going to sleep here with me?” Masaki asked after putting on the t-shirt and Sho could perceive the confusion on his voice.

He knew what Masaki was thinking but he preferred to ignore it.

“Yeah… I would invite you to my bed but you know… I never let anyone sleep in my bed before” he confessed looking away, his heart hammering inside his chest. His house was his refuge, especially his bedroom, and he couldn’t let anyone in “Actually I only let Jun stay over before”

“Oh…” Sho could almost see Masaki’s thoughts wavering “I… I really should go home, Sho-chan. I don’t want to bother you, it’s not a big deal. I’ll call a taxi and…”

“I want you to stay, Masaki” Sho grabbed his wrists when he tried to pull off the t-shirt, intensely staring at him with a lingering trace of desperation on his expression. It’s terrifying but I want you to.

“Ok…” Masaki said again, still hesitating, and buried himself under the blankets of the chaise-longue with Sho by his side. They didn’t even touch, just looked at each other in the darkness wrapped in a deep silence. A silence charged with unspoken emotions.

Masaki would never knew, but that was the most intimate moment in Sho’s life.


Masaki woke up with the first sunrays that entered the bedroom windows. Even before he opened his eyes he knew the events of the last night weren’t a dream.

Sho’s scent was everywhere: on the sheets, on the clothes he was wearing, on the pillow… and of course on the fast asleep figure by his side. Slowly Masaki lifted his eyelids and found Sho’s face only inches apart from his, his plump lips parted with a heavy and deep breathing making him hard to control himself.

He couldn’t get Sho at all. It was clear that he didn’t want a serious relationship – he said again and again that they were only friends – but, then again, he invited him to his house, to spend the night with him, just looking at each other for hours until they fell asleep, waking up by his side. If Sho was trying to make him addicted to that kind of toxic relationship, Masaki had to admit that he was playing his cards just right.

But somehow it didn’t feel like he was playing at all, as if there was something vulnerable beneath Sho’s cover.

To resist the temptation Masaki woke up and, after a quick visit to the bathroom, he went downstairs and headed to the kitchen. He knew how terrible Sho was at cooking and that, at the same time, he loved food above all. Plus he wanted to thank him for letting him invading his home – and life – so he had the great idea of making the breakfast for him.

The fact that he spent the night in Sho’s house but they didn’t have sex felt almost surreal and confusing, but terribly right too. Well, even when they were friends with benefits they had to explode the part of ‘friends’ besides the benefits, he guessed. It was something.

“What are you doing?”

Masaki jumped on surprise when Sho’s amused voice reached him from his back and he turned around to see his – a little bit sleepy – smile. He looked irresistible with all his hair messed up, no t-shirt and the sweatpants hanging so low that Masaki could see the bones of his hips. Holy shit “I’m making breakfast”

“That’s why the house smells so fucking good” Sho’s arms wrapped around Masaki’s waist and he kissed the boy’s neck slowly, making his heart skip a beat and the frying pan almost fell from his hand. This doesn’t feel like the friends with benefits zone… it rather felt like a just-married couple actually. It seemed Sho thought the same because, a few seconds later, he stepped back “I’ll set the table”

The room’s atmosphere got a bit awkward and Masaki wanted to bury his face in the oil where he was cooking the bacon, or maybe drown Sho on it. He was the confusing one. Why was also him who would build a wall between them every time they were closer – emotionally closer –?

“I hope you like fried eggs, bacon and pancakes. It’s not the healthier breakfast but…” he tried to bring Sho back and surprisingly it worked.

“I love everything that is food” Sho laughed Masaki’s favorite laugh, the one that came from his belly and took over his entire body. He was so stupidly beautiful and Masaki wanted to be a pancake too.

Masaki didn’t take long to finish cooking the breakfast so shortly after everything was served on the table, filling Sho’s stylish crockery. He had to admit that it looked pretty well, like a pic from a magazine. Sho, however, didn’t stopped to appreciate how fine it looked and took a seat around the table, attacking the food after a quick ‘itadakimasu’.

See Sho eating was pure bliss. His face, the sounds he did while gobbling up one bite after another made Masaki feel the sweatpants way too tight. It was so ridiculous that someone eating could make him feel aroused but those moans Sho was letting out with every bite were driving him crazy. It has to be illegal…

“Why aren’t you eating? Aren’t you hungry, Masaki?” Sho’s voice brought him down to Earth again and when their gazes met his heart pounded like crazy against his ribs. Those words filled Masaki’s head with the craziest images… And he wanted to make them real. He wanted to give Sho his all. He wanted it so bad. Fuck it.

“Actually I am” he huskily whispered and with his eyes fixed on Sho’s he slid under the table, crawling to get between his legs.

Sho didn’t ask what was going on, he just let Masaki do as he pleased and the boy was pretty sure Sho knew what he had in mind because a tempting bump was starting to form under the fabric of the sweatpants. When Masaki pulled them down to free Sho’s erection the latter pushed the table away, exposing the boy kneeled in front of him, a sight that hardened him even more.  Masaki could feel Sho’s fingers tracing his cheek when he started to spread kisses all over his length, caressing it almost sweetly.

“You look incredibly beautiful right there…” Sho growled, his voice turned into a moan when Masaki wrapped his lips around the head of his cock, sucking it gently. His tongue twirled on the little slit and the taste – salty, slightly bitter – made Masaki’s blood thunder inside his veins. Soon Sho’s hands were cupping the back of his head, bringing him closer until the whole length of his dick was filling Masaki’s throat, hitting the back of it.

Masaki wanted to make him feel so good that he never wanted to leave him, even if it he didn’t get to make Sho love him and it was just because of the sex. He just wanted to be by Sho’s side and he couldn’t understand why. Maybe he was unhealthily obsessed.

Sho’s finger clenched on his hair when he started to bob his head and he let out the most amazing sounds, especially loud when Masaki scratched the delicate skin with his teeth. One of Sho’s hands grabbed the edge of his chair and his hips started to move, searching for Masaki’s mouth again and again, faster and faster, almost chocking him with every thrust.

“Fuck. I’m so close…” Masaki could catch the warning but he didn’t stopped, on the contrary he speeded up, placing his hands on Sho’s thighs to keep the balance.

When Sho understood that Masaki wouldn’t pull away he didn’t hold himself any longer.

Masaki could see him fall and he closed eyes as the orgasm exploded between his legs deeply shooting the semen in Masaki’s throat, who swallowed it all with his gaze fixed on the man’s expression, both moaning in unison.

“That was so goddamn amazing…” Sho breathy said several seconds later and pulled Masaki up to sit him on his lap, straddling it “You really swallowed it…”

“Yeah…” Masaki smiled, feeling a bit timid suddenly “I’ve never done it before. It was the first time”

A shadow crossed Sho’s eyes, or at least Masaki thought it did because it was so fast that he wasn’t really sure.

“It was the first time someone swallowed it for me too. And that someone, excepting Jun, cooked for me. Both were perfect” Masaki tried to ignore the deadpan tone Sho used and countered it with a cheerful one.

“I can make you lunch and dinner too if you want!”

“Not today” the boy frowned when Sho made him leave his lap and woke up to remove his plate from the table. Somehow his aura was cold and distant again “You should eat something… well, besides what you already ate”

Masaki didn’t laugh at the joke, Sho’s wasn’t even trying to sound funny at all.

“Why? Do you have a¾ ?” he started but he cut himself off, weakly laughing “Ah, I’m sorry, it’s none of my business”

“I have an important appointment” Sho said under his breath and stopped halfway to the kitchen to face Masaki. His voice, his expression, even the way he was standing let the boy guess what he was about to say and he wanted to run away, to leave that house before Sho could break his heart. But it was too late “I’m going to meet Ishihara Satomi and her parents. I have an omiai


A/N: Well here it's the 5th chapter finally! I'm sorry it took so long OTL I feel that in this chapter doesn't really happen anything but if you read between lines you may understand some things (I think ??)
YES. Sho keeps being an asshole, I'm really sorry (I'm not) but please don't hate him yet, be patient with him (>w<)
I hope you liked the chapter!!

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