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Title: Zutto Soba Ni Iru Yo.
hinode91 (Aby)
Pairings: Sakuraiba (main), Matsumiya (side).
Chapter: 4/?

Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, smut, angst, AU.
Sho Sakurai is the youngest candidate to minister of economy in Japan's history. He's well educated, smart and really rich but he's living a double-life: At night he goes to Ni-chōme, using a fake name to hunt one-night stands.
Masaki who is celebrating his job promotion in the gay district runs into Sho, who tries to hit on him.
But Masaki already knows who he truly is...

Disclamer: I wish I owned them, but sadly I don't.
Banner and beta: heavenly23 (Estefy) thank you waifuuuu

Plot: From a roleplay I did with heavenly23 (Estefy) [Not a collab]

Chapter 4

The fist impacted with a cracking sound and so much force against his cheek and eye that made him stumble and fall on the floor. The pain made him dizzy but he still could hear the insults Ninomiya was throwing at him.

“You are a scumbag, you are not even a person!! Dog shit has more human value than you!”

The anger grew inside Sho and he got up clenching his fists to confront the small figure that was saying the most terrible things he had ever heard.

“Listen, midget…” he started, but Jun stepped between him and Nino, fearing that they would engage in a physical fight. He was sure that Nino wouldn’t be so merciful with Sho. If he grabbed the politician, Jun’s punch would be nothing in comparison “I won’t allow your friend to play with me anymore. He may have a cute face but that doesn’t give him the right to…”

“ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID?” Nino yelled, cutting the man off. Sho stared at him with fury burning inside his eyes but he remained silent “It wasn’t even his idea. It was me who thought it would be funny to scare the shit out of you. And it was a fucking date not the end of the world, for fuck’s sake”

“What…?” those words left Sho totally shocked, eyes wide open. So it wasn’t him…?

“Masaki is way too stupid and way too kind to think such a thing” Nino crossed his thin arms looking at Sho like he wanted to crush him right there. If looks could kill…

“But… that doesn’t change anything. He did it anyway. No matter whose idea it was”

“Yeah. Because he wanted to spend more time with you”

Sho wasn’t expecting that, and it made him feel terrified. His heart was beating like crazy. Why would that boy want to spend more time with him? He thought he made it clear when he left the love hotel’s room like that… But then again he accepted a date. He even brought him to Jun’s place. What the hell did he think he was doing? Sho ran his hands over his face, letting out a long and shaky sigh. He couldn’t think right because of the pain puncturing his eye. He was sure it would be black and swollen the next day. It would be great to explain it in the Ministry.

 “I’ll apologize next time I see him, ok?” Sho held up his hands.

He was sorry, but he couldn’t do anything more. He couldn’t give Masaki what he wanted, so it was better to keep the distance. Better for both, but especially for himself.

“Of course you will Sakurai, or I’ll send you to hell reduced to an unrecognizable mass of meat, blood and regret” Nino said, and he wasn’t joking.


The next day Sho found himself in front of Masaki’s building door. He knew he said he wanted to keep the distance between them, but he had a good reason…

When the first Masaki’s message arrived it was almost one in the morning.

Holy shit… he sounds completely drunk… is it because of what I said…? Well, I called him disgusting and pathetic… I think I should take charge of the situation. Even when he didn’t want to admit it he was terribly worried. Who knew what Masaki could be doing in that right moment? He knew rejection could make you do the most stupid things… In Masaki’s case drink a whole bottle of vodka by himself, it seemed.

After a few messages he decided he needed to hear the boy’s voice so he called him. It was worse than he imagined.


“Helloooo Sho-chaaaan…” Masaki’s voice was giggly, high and sleepy.

“You are really drunk…”

“Not really…”

“Yes, you are. I’m going to your home right now” Sho didn’t even think about it, he just said those words without any kind of filter.

NO!” the yell made him squint his eyes. What the hell…? Of course I’m going kid.

“I’m going, Masaki. Give me your address, I don’t want to resort to Nino but if I need to do it…” He warned the boy but he cut him off again. But this time… this time his voice sounded different. Vulnerable. Heartbroken. Sho silently gulped.


“Why…? I’m just worr…”

“Stop, please, stop…”

He really, really hurt him… And wasn’t it good? That way Masaki would stay away from him. It was perfect. Then… why did it feel so wrong?

“I can’t like you”

“I’m sorry about forcing you to have a date with me, Sho… I won’t bother you anymore. I promise”

Is he… is he crying? Suddenly Sho felt like he couldn’t breathe anymore. The need of rushing to Masaki’s place to simply hug him was terrifying.

“Masaki you are not…”

“I said stop it!”


“That’s all Sho. I need to sleep now. Goodnight”

The next thing he heard was the ending call sound. Masaki didn’t pick up the phone again even when Sho called him endless times.

So… that’s why Sho was there.

Why did he have a sunflowers bouquet in his hands…? The reason for that was unknown even for himself. Saying that they reminded him to Masaki would have been way too corny.

He opened the front door and waked into the hall of the building. An old and fragile-looking man was sitting behind a marble and crystal counter. Sho supposed he was the doorkeeper.

“Good morning sir, may I help you?” the man’s voice sounded like a paper crumpling but his wrinkled face was full of kindness.

“Actually yes. I wanted to see Aiba Masaki…” the doorkeeper’s eyes were analyzing Sho without any dissimulation. The politician held up the bouquet “I want to give him these… But if you tell him that it’s me who wants to see him, he won’t let me in. I was an asshole with him so it’s natural, right? But I want to apologize” he tried to be completely honest even when it was terribly embarrassing. And, to Sho’s surprise, it worked.

“Everyone deserves a second chance… Especially when they bring flowers. Give me a moment, sir” the old man told Masaki a lie about a delivery for him – well it could count as Sho delivering flowers and apologies – and the boy gave permission to let the ‘delivery man’ in “Well sir, I hope you use this second chance properly. People don’t tent to give third ones”

“I’ll do. Thank you so much” Sho did a deep bow and headed to the elevator. His hands were profusely sweating around the bouquet when the elevator started to go up. He couldn’t remember feeling like that since high school… it was chilling and exciting at the same time. Especially chilling.

He wanted to turn around and run away from there. Forget about everything. Forget that Aiba existed and forget about the fact that he was so damn attracted to him. But the elevator’s door opened and he was in front of Masaki’s apartment door.

Man up, Sakurai. He took a deep and long breath and, leaving his mind blank, he pressed the doorbell. Masaki’s voice startled him we he replied tenths of seconds later.

“I think you made a mistake. I wasn’t expecting…”

“Me?” the door was left opened, as well as Masaki’s mouth when he saw Sho standing there.

Masaki’s eyes were swollen and red, and deep purple half-moons decorated his lower eyelids. His chocolate hair was a completely mess and his skin was extremely pale, making him look ill. He was wearing the same clothes as the day before, totally wrinkled after sleeping on them, and he still reeked of vodka. Sho felt like a fucking dickhead.

“What… are you doing here…?” Masaki’s words were slow and cautious, his gaze travelling from Sho’s face – especially his black eye – to the sunflowers bouquet again and again “And how do you know my address…?”

“I asked Nino for it at the end and… I want to talk with you” Sho, usually self-confident, was feeling like jelly at that precise moment.

“I said I didn’t want you to come here…” the boy whispered, clearly exhausted. It seemed like seeing Sho there was sucking the life out of him.

“But I need to talk to you…” that small change in the sentence made Masaki doubt. Maybe… maybe he should hear what Sho had to say. He even brought flowers, after all. He let out a sigh and did a hand gesture, pointing to the apartment.

“Ok… come in. But first let me take a quick shower”


After putting the flowers inside a vase and leaving Sho sitting on the huge and green living room’s puffy sofa he headed to the bathroom.

The water was so hot that he almost burned himself but he didn’t even noticed. He was way too busy trying to figure out why Sho was in his apartment while brushing his teeth inside the shower. Probably he just wanted to clean his conscience, apologize, explain himself… whatever. Masaki just wanted him out of his house as soon as possible.

When Masaki came back to the living room he caught Sho prying his manga shelves. Again he looked like the day before at Moyan, just a normal man. Not someone unattainable, not someone that you just looked in the distance, but someone you could love.

What are you thinking about, Aiba? Masaki shook his head and approached Sho.

“What do you want to talk about?” it seemed he surprised the man because the Slam Dunk volume that Sho was reading ended up on the floor.

“Oh! I’m sorry! You startled me… I was… I was just…”

Masaki downplayed it with a hand move and put the volume back in its place before taking a seat on the sofa. Sho imitated him, looking at his own lap. After several seconds of silence the man cleared his throat and finally talked.

“I want to apologize about my behavior yesterday. It was really inappropriate. I’m someone who is extremely paranoid about his private life since press always have been around my family, and I overreacted. Nino told me that it was his idea, not yours. I’m deeply sorry” it sounded like a speech he practiced thousands of times.

It was the three options then.

“Ok. I forgive you. I understand, you don’t need to worry. I’ll show you the exit” Masaki woke up but Sho didn’t move a single muscle.

“Are you kicking me out?” he looked as if he never had been treated like that before. Masaki felt surprised because of Sho’s surprise. What was he expecting? “I thought you liked me”

The boy was left – again – with his mouth wide open.

“Weren’t you done with your apology? And we--well… yeah… I like… liked you” he corrected himself, his voice high pitched because of the embarrassment “But that doesn’t have anything to do with this…”

“Yeah it has to do, but you didn’t let me finish” Sho patted the sofa at his side but Masaki continued standing on the floor “Ok… So… since I don’t have a delicate way of saying this I’ll say it just as it is”

“Go ahead” Masaki was totally puzzled. He was expecting an aseptic apology, nothing more. And the thing he expected the less was the one Sho said.

“I want to keep having sex with you”

Masaki remained indifferent for more or less ten seconds. Once the words reached his brain he almost choked on his own saliva.

“Wha--what…!?” he could just say that between hard coughs.

“I want to keep…” Sho calmly started again. As if Masaki hadn’t heard it the first time! How couldn’t he!?

“I… I’ve already heard you!” he held his hands up, stopping Sho from saying it again. What the hell was that!? “But I won’t do that! You don’t even like me! I thought… that you didn’t enjoyed it and that’s why you ran away like that…”

“Do you really think if I didn’t like it I would be asking you to keep on with it?” Masaki was too shocked to say anything so Sho kept talking “Masaki… it was the best orgasm I had in my whole life. And I really like… the time I spend with you”

“It… was the best one I had too…” Masaki found himself mumbling that. But it was true. And another thing that was also a truth was that he wanted to feel like that again. Just the memory of those hands caressing his skin, those lips kissing him, that voice whispering his name… it was enough to make his whole body tremble.

“Then what’s wrong about having fun together? Wouldn’t it be a waste to let it go?” Sho sounded full of hope and he offered Masaki one of his hands. Masaki knew perfectly what that hand carried with it too: a promise of sex with no compromise. Pure and empty sex. The kind of sex Masaki wanted to avoid the most.

But… what If he could make Sho change his mind? What if he could make Sho truly like him? See the connection that, for him, was obvious. He had to try and if it didn’t work at least he would have fun, as Nino advised him to do.

To Sho’s surprise Masaki not only took his hand but sat on his lap too, straddling him. That pretty filthy boy… always doing what he expected the less…

“Now, baby…?” Sho’s voice became deeper and huskier and a wolfish grin spread on his lips when Masaki silently nodded.

“By the way, thank you for the sunflowers…” the boy breathless whispered while his hips slowly started moving, rubbing his crotch against Sho’s, drawing small circles “They are my favorite”

“They reminded me of you” before Masaki could say anything in reply Sho claimed his mouth. The kiss was needy, deep and wet, that kind of kiss that made Masaki melt between his arms. Oh god he had missed those lips more than he would ever admit. His hands found a way under the boy’s sweater and traced his back with a feather-like caress.

He let Masaki move against his hips for a few seconds more before making him get up and stand in front of him, his fingers tracing the boy’s sides “You are perfect…”

“I am not…” Masaki whispered, shuddering when Sho lifted his sweater to kiss his stomach, slowly descending and running his nose down his skin. He smelled like soap and arousal and Sho decided it was his favorite scent now.

“Yes, you are” Sho buried his teeth on the delicate skin right under Masaki’s navel and the boy shrunk at the soft pain, letting out a weak moan “Look at you… how your body reacts to me. It’s more than perfect…”

Soon Masaki’s sweatpants were crumpled on the floor and his erection was perfectly visible hiding under his briefs, the tip almost poking out of the elastic band. It was the most delicious view.

“Masaki… take the control” Sho said, rather ordering him to do it while he spread kiss all over the bulge “Tell me what you want me to do next”

His hesitation lasted only for a beat “The boxers… take them off… with your teeth”

Sho softly growled, biting the elastic band to pull the briefs down until they fell on the floor by themselves. The musky scent mixed with Masaki’s fingers tangled on his hair made his jeans feel uncomfortably tight “What else?”

“Lick it…” he whispered and Sho smiled against one of his hip’s bones.

“Lick what?” Sho’s tongue drew the form of his hip, making he tremble “Here?”

Masaki let out a frustrated, slightly embarrassed groan and shook his head. Sho was playing with him, he knew it, and he wanted to play along so bad.

“Lick… lick my cock” Sho slid his hands from Masaki’s hips to his ass and grabbed it as he did exactly what the boy demanded. His tongue slowly traveled from the base to the tip, teasing it until Masaki clutched his hair almost painfully “Suck it… please…”

“Look at me Masaki” even when it was an order it was so sweet that Masaki’s heart went crazy. Sho’s eyes were locked on Masaki’s face when he wrapped his full lips around the head of his dick, sucking it gently at first, and then harder and harder “Like this…?”

“Ah… yes… Sho…” that pleading moan made him go further and he buried Masaki’s full length inside his throat. It was so big that he almost chocked when it hit his gag flexes but it was the first time the boy said his name like that, and it felt fucking amazing. So lewd, so perfect. He craved to hear it more.

Sho started to move his head at a steady and slow pace, torturing Masaki. The silence of the room soon was broken by the wet sounds of his mouth around the cock and the boy’s desperate groans, begging for more. When Sho moaned around his erection Masaki threw his head back at the feeling of the vibrations, all his body tensed up in pure ecstasy, and the man knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Sho… I’m… I’m coming…” Masaki whimpered just a few seconds later, and when he tried to pull out of Sho’s mouth the man gripped his ass and pushed him against his lips, gaining a surprised and sweet gasp. As if he would let Masaki come outside his mouth.

When their eyes met again Masaki couldn’t hold it anymore and he freed the pleasure, arching his back when Sho swallowed his orgasm, tightening his throat around his dick until he almost screamed.

“Good boy…” Sho breathlessly said when he finally pulled out and dragged Masaki to his lap, making him straddle his thighs again “I’m going to make you feel so fucking good… Suck, baby” he put three of his fingers in front of Masaki’s mouth and the boy opened it to let them in even when he still looked high from the ecstasy. The way he sucked and licked them, like he was giving Sho’s fingers a blowjob, made the man gasp of pure arousal “Enough.”

His wet hand slid between Masaki’s legs, his fingers playing over the boy’s perineum and his small entrance, while the other one clenched the soft brown hair. Both of them leaned in and their mouths met, teeth and tongues teasing their lower lips, soaking up the other’s gasps while their groins grinded each other.

Just as Masaki’s hands shakily worked on Sho’s belt and undone his jeans, the man buried one of his fingers inside him, making the boy groan his name. His digit slid so easily into the ass that Sho himself let out an excited moan “I want to be here right now…”

“Oh, Sho… please…” Masaki’s hips quickly changed their pace, strongly moving back and forth when a second finger entered him, scissoring his insides. The third finger followed the second one almost immediately and Masaki’s body tensed up from head to toe when Sho hit his sweet spot over and over “Please… please Sho… fuck me…”

“Eager, aren’t we Masaki?” Sho growled when Masaki pushed himself against his fingers, desperately fucking himself on them. He felt his pulse reverberating down his length, pleading to be inside the boy “But baby, we don’t have a condom right now” he teased and Masaki seemed to doubt just for a blink of the eye.

“I don’t mind… just… fuck me Sho… please… I need you…” Sho loved how different both sides of Masaki looked: normally he was cheerful and an airhead – he didn’t even understand yet how he got to work with Oikawa – but when it came to sex the boy turned into a little, needy whore. It was like a fascinating magic trick.

“Correct answer” he pulled out his fingers and lowered a little his briefs to free his erection, his other hand grabbing Masaki’s ass to guide him over his painfully hard cock. Masaki’s hand flew to Sho’s dick and wrapped around it, pushing his hips down to take him all the way, so deep and abruptly that both of them almost screamed. Feeling him directly, his soft skin, the wetness, the warmth… it was too much. Masaki was too much. Much more than Sho expected “Fuck! Masaki… so tight… so warm…”

Masaki’s nails buried on the skin of Sho’s nape when his hips started moving up and down. Sho clenched his fists on the couch and, with a deep grunt, he met his pace. Masaki was rocking his hips hard and fast, making Sho squeeze his eyes closed, his blood thundering on his veins as the boy demandingly moved again and again. Oh shit… Sho thought when he blinked up to Masaki, he’s fucking beautiful…

Masaki was gorgeous, wild and perfect. All that Sho always wanted. He wouldn’t let him go.

“Oh god, Masaki… you feel amazing… so fucking amazing…” he panted, his lungs almost aching for the lack of air. Suddenly he pushed the boy over the sofa and placed himself between his legs, savagely fucking him. He wanted Masaki to feel so good that he could never imagine anyone else inside him. He wanted Masaki to be only his. And it was terrifying.

Masaki tried to gasp air parting his lips. He couldn’t think anymore, he couldn’t do anything that wasn’t feel Sho all around him. His voice, his skin, his own flavor on his mouth, his cock inside him, pushing harder and harder… The pleasure was unbearable and his muscles tightened nearly painfully around Sho’s erection. When the man felt it his thrusts became even rougher, uncontrolled “I’m coming… I’m going to come inside of you Masaki…”

“Yes, Sho… oh please…” Masaki begged. He was begging Sho to cum inside him. And when the boy himself did it saying his name again and again, Sho couldn’t hold on anymore. He felt the orgasm barreling down his spine and then he spilt it all inside Masaki, filling him as he felt like he was falling into the sweet darkness of Masaki’s eyes.

“Amazing… you didn’t even need me to touch you…” Sho collapsed over Masaki mumbling that, almost suffocating him, but the boy didn’t complain. He didn’t have enough air to do so, and it’s not like he wanted to do it anyway.

“I… I need to take a shower…” Sho whispered several minutes later. He still felt like he was made of jelly but he forced his body to move when Masaki put his arms around his neck. That wasn’t part of the deal. He escaped Masaki’s embrace and got off the couch.

“Ah…” the high from the orgasm left Masaki then, and he tried so bad to not feel hurt when Sho ran away. He accepted that kind of relationship at his own risk, after all. But it felt so intimate for a moment… “You can use my room’s bathroom or the guest bedroom’s one”

“You will use your room’s bathroom I guess, so I’ll take the guest room’s one” Sho replied, pulling up his boxers and jeans “Where…?”

“On the corridor, the first door on your right” Masaki said mechanically and when Sho disappeared with a soft ‘thank you’ he ran his hands all over his face with a long sigh. It felt exactly as the first night… An awesome connection, as if Sho knew all he needed and wanted, and then… nothing. Suddenly he was totally empty “Let’s take that shower too…”

When Masaki finished his second shower of the day he came back to the living room and collected his clothes from the floor, throwing them into the laundry basket on the washing machine’s room, fulfilling those easy tasks with his mind blank. Sho was in the living room when he stepped out of the kitchen. Clean, neat and ready to go.

“I guess you are leaving now. I’m sorry, I don’t have any idea of how this… kind of…”

“Friends with benefits relationship?” Sho tried to help him.

“Yeah, how this friends with benefits thing works” he mumbled, staring at his own hands, looking so lost and vulnerable that Sho’s heart ached.

“We are friends that have more fun together than normal friends” he placed a hand on Masaki’s cheek and kissed his forehead before realizing what he was doing. Masaki wanted to ask a lot of things, for example if Sho could have more of those ‘friends with benefits’ besides him. But he said nothing and closed his eyes at the feeling of Sho’s lips on his skin. It suddenly ceased when the man stepped back, though “I should go now”

Masaki walked Sho to the front door and threw small glances at him while he put his coat on. At least this time he wasn’t acting cold. It was an advance… somehow.

“Is there something wrong, Masaki?” the boy almost jumped at the question but he quickly shook his head negatively.

“All it’s alright!” Masaki raised both thumbs and forced himself to use an enthusiastic tone “Just… my butt is aching a bit right now…”

“I see…” Sho whispered and then he let out a loud burst of laughter that made Masaki’s heart pound like crazy. It made even more painful to see Sho opening the door and leaving the apartment, holding up a hand as a ‘goodbye’. The same hand that stopped Masaki’s door from closing tenths of seconds later.

“What…? Did you forget something?” Masaki asked, confusedly blinking.

“Ah… No, it’s not about that” Sho said and he cleared his throat rather nervously before keep talking “I’m… I’m thinking that maybe… if you are free tomorrow… we can have lunch together”

Masaki couldn’t find his voice for a few seconds and when he did it sounded awkwardly high pitched “Yes! Of course!”

“Ok, I’ll send you a message then” his grin almost killed Masaki “I’ll see you tomorrow”

“Yes… See you!”

Sho headed to the elevator and walked inside it, leaving Masaki with the worst feeling possible.



A/N: This time I only waited 5 days between update and update... But don't get used to it please *Coughs* Well for those that were expecting Sho to be the Charming Prince... Here are his real intentions huhuhu At least he's not a harsh asshole anymore, just a selfish asshole \o/ but I hope you liked it anyway!! And I hope the smut was entertaining too since it was the main part of the chapter! XD (Writing smut gives me headaches, it's so hard!! but I love how it comes XD)

A/N2: I didn't forget about Sho's black eye and Masaki either, he will ask on the lunch (?)

A/N3: Remember that English is not my native language, neither Estefy's, so ignore the terrible grammar mistakes please m(_ _)m

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