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Title: Zutto Soba Ni Iru Yo.
hinode91 (Aby)
Pairings: Sakuraiba (main), Matsumiya (side).
Chapter: 2/?

Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, smut, angst (in future chapters), AU.
Sho Sakurai is the youngest candidate to minister of economy in Japan's history. He's well educated, smart and really rich but he's living a double-life: At night he goes to Ni-chōme, using a fake name to hunt one-night stands.
Masaki who is celebrating his job promotion in the gay district runs into Sho, who tries to hit on him.
But Masaki already knows who he truly is...

Disclamer: I wish I owned them, but sadly I don't.
Banner and beta: heavenly23 (Estefy) thank you waifuuuu

Plot: From a roleplay I did with [livejournal.com profile] heavenly23 (Estefy) [Not a collab]

Chapter 2

Masaki couldn’t even remember how they reached the love hotel room, or rather, how they reached the door of their love hotel’s room where Sho pinned him while their mouths collided in a wet, long, needy kiss.

His mind could form memories about him leaving the club with Sakurai, feeling really nervous an excited, but when they stepped out of the building and the man kissed him for the first time, Masaki lost time and space's notion. Since then, he could just remember the smell of Sakurai’s skin and the smoothness of his lips in contrast with the hardness of the rest of his body. Especially between his legs…

“Shouldn’t we… shouldn’t we enter the room…?” Masaki managed to say against Sho’s lips, softly panting.

“Uhm… yeah… I guess…” he replied, but the younger was pretty sure he wasn’t really worried about anyone catching them doing who-knows-what. After a few seconds more Sakurai inserted the electronic key and pushed Masaki inside the room.

It was pretty big, and pretty normal to be a love hotel room. But Masaki couldn’t notice anything except the huge round bed that occupied most of the room’s space. It was covered in dark hues sheets and cushions, and surrounded by thick black curtains, and he was dying to try how… comfortable it was.

Sakurai caught his attention when he threw a bunch of condoms on the bed, suddenly reminding Masaki what he was looking for night after night. That thought didn’t last a single heartbeat though. When Sakurai’s hands found a way under his sweater and tee all logic disappeared once again, giving way to a wild need, and their lips crushed almost violently this time. Masaki opened his mouth, welcoming Sakurai’s tongue, letting him explore it until not even a single corner was left uncharted. Soon the silence of the room was broken by gasps and moans coming from the two men throats.

“You are wearing too much clothes” Sakurai groaned full of frustration, breaking the kiss.

“Yeah, I agree” seconds later Masaki’s sweater and t-shirt were lying on the carpeted floor and his torso was exposed to Sakurai’s hungry eyes.

“Beautiful” he whispered, leaning towards Masaki to bite and suck the blood colored birthmark on his left shoulder, his fingers tracing Masaki’s thin hips before pushing them against his. The younger let out a soft moan when their groins rubbed together “You sound good… I want to hear more.”

Not much later the floor was covered by both men's clothes and Masaki couldn’t take his eyes off Sakurai. His body was… simply magnificent. The way the muscles were hinted under the slightly tanned and smooth skin was the most perfect thing Masaki had seen in all his life. The little silver piercing decorating Sakurai’s navel was fascinating and almost unbearably sexy.

“On your knees, Masaki” the sudden order took him by surprise, but even before he could process it he was kneeling on the floor, his face right in front of Sakurai’s semi-hard cock covered by the boxers “Come on baby, you know what to do”

Sakurai’s voice admitted no complain, and Masaki didn’t want to complain anyway. His blood was rushing into his head at such speed that he couldn’t really hear all the dirty words of encouragement that Sho was growling at him. With trembling hands Masaki pulled down Sakurai’s pants, freeing his already fully erected member.

Throwing his head back Masaki started working on Sakurai’s navel, his tongue circled the little metallic ball before gently pulling it with his teeth, making Sakurai groan of pure anticipation when he teased the skin under it. Just a few seconds later Sho’s hands were buried in his hair, trying to push him down. With a satisfied smile Masaki lowered his head and caressed Sakurai’s cock base with his lips, lightly sucking the skin as they traveled by all his length. He tasted like salt and arousal, the most perfect flavor.

“Hey… don’t you want to use a…? Ngh…” Sho couldn’t finish his warning when Masaki reached the already wet head of his dick, sucking and nibbling it, staring at him without a trace of shame in his big, beautiful, doe eyes.

“For this is alright” Masaki replied. He was pretty sure that someone as responsible as Sakurai – that was also a one-stand picker – was cautious with that kind of thing. But anyway he asked, a bit too much late “Should I use it?”

“No… no… It’s ok. Just keep going”

Masaki didn’t need to hear it again and wrapped his lips around the leaking cock’s tip, caressing it with his tongue right before Sakurai thrust inside his throat in one go, gaging him a little. But Masaki didn’t complain, he loved how Sakurai was using him as he pleased.

Soon the room was filled with sucking sounds, moans and growls. Sho kept thrusting in and out Masaki’s mouth, fist clutching his hair to keep him in place. He was being really harsh and he knew it, but it was the first time someone gave him a blowjob without using a condom and it was fucking amazing. The hotness and the tightness surrounding his dick made him feel dizzy, and he could swear he was about to pass out because of the pure and raw pleasure.

“Ah… fuck! Masaki…” Sho’s voice was a hoarse whisper that made Aiba feel even more excited if it was possible. Moaning he grabbed Sakurai’s hips and pushed them so his erection buried even deeper into his throat. His lungs were burning because of the lack of air and his eyes were full of tears but he kept going, enjoying how Sho was melting in front of him. Ah… how many times did he imagine that kind of scene?

“I’m… I’m coming Masaki… so…” Aiba let out a little assent sound and Sakurai pulled out. The precum and saliva dripped on the floor, making Masaki’s fingers dirty too as he gripped the pulsing member, jerking it with a steady and fast pace. He lowered his face, trailing Sho’s balls with his nose before opening his mouth and gently sucking them.

Several seconds later Sho groaned the Masaki’s name as his orgasm shoot between his fingers, messing the floor and one of the boys cheeks while his whole body trembled, his veins drowned in ecstasy.

He wanted to collapse on the floor and catch his breath but his eyes focused on Masaki’s face – drops of semen staining it, his lips wet and slightly opened, panting hard, his skin flushed, and his eyes glowing with tears and pure excitement – and he forgot about his exhaustion.

“Come here, baby” He picked Masaki up from the floor and pulled his briefs down, looking at the hard cock with a mixture of surprise and satisfaction. It was… well, it was really big. Bigger than his, and even so Masaki was letting him do as he pleased. It was a good shoot for his stupid masculine ego, he couldn’t deny it.

He pushed the boy into the mattress but he didn’t follow him yet.

“Open your legs. More” again that commanding tone that Masaki couldn’t ignore. His legs opened until Sakurai let out a satisfied groan while he searched for something in his pants’ pockets “And now bend your knees”

When he did so he felt totally exposed, but it wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable. He wanted to feel exposed with that man. It was as natural as breathing. He wanted Sho to see him.

“Hold on like that. Now you will show me how tough you are, Ma-sa-ki” Sho showed him what he had been searching for: a little bottle full of lube. Just with the sight of the bottle Masaki moaned desperately. His dick and ass were dying for attention “Oh… Do you want this?”

“Yes, I want it…” Masaki whispered, tensing up when Sakurai climbed into the bed but he didn’t move a single millimeter, his legs still wide opened.

“Beg” Sakurai’s eyes shinned with a sadistic yet alluring glare while he coated three of his fingers with the lubricant.

“Please… please… Sa… Sato…” it was hard to use Sakurai’s fake name, his mind was too busy and distracted with the image of the man playing with the sticky lube between his fingers “I need you… please… I need you inside me… please Sa…”

Sho locked Masaki’s lips with his mouth. It was frustrating to hear a name that wasn’t his pronounced by that husky and needy voice, so he decided to hush him until he couldn’t say anything coherent anymore, not even that made up name.

His fingers slid between Masaki’s legs, caressing, pressing and teasing his perineum and entrance until the point that the boy started to desperately whine against his lips. Sho was absolutely certain that he had never heard something so arousing before.

“More…” He whispered, nibbling the boy’s lower lip. One of his fingers slipped in Masaki and he was rewarded with a soft moan as the muscles clenched around it. He started moving his hand fast and firmly, without any mercy, and soon he felt Masaki’s insides relaxing, letting in one more finger. After scissoring him a few seconds Sho could fit the third finger too.

At that point Masaki’s body was squirming on the bed, his fists grabbing the headboard as if he needed something to hang on. The pleasure had never been so intense just by being fingered. But Sakurai seemed to know where to touch and with every movement the tips hit his sweet spot, making him cry in pure ecstasy.

“Are you gonna cum Masaki? Only with this?” Sho’s breath ghosted the crook of his neck, teasing him before sucking on it, leaving a nice, shiny red mark.

“Nn… no… please… I want you…”

Sho’s hand pace became slower and slower, making Masaki whine as he lowered his legs to rest his foot on the bed and move his hips against the fingers. Because of that he gained a sharp slap on the side of his thigh that made him whimper of surprise and – even when he would never admit it – pleasure.

“I told you to keep your legs opened and your knees bended, didn’t I Masaki?” Sakurai’s tone was dangerous. His free hand gripped around Masaki’s knee backside, pushing it until his leg was up in the air and the boy lifted up the other one too, exposing his ass again “Be a good boy and don’t lower them, or I’ll have to punish you”

“But… I… I want to come with you inside me…” Masaki whined, his voice cracked and desperate as if he was about to cry.

“Then ask for it properly. Tell me exactly what you want, baby”

Masaki didn’t need to hear it twice. He was so needy and desperate for it that he would have done anything.

“Please… please… I need your cock inside me… I want you to shatter me…” He begged, full of urge.

“If you want it so bad…” Sho’s voice oozed satisfaction as he pulled out his fingers and lined his member up with Aiba’s small and hot entrance. He took a few seconds to devour the boy with his eyes, as if he wanted to keep the image of Masaki – sweating, breathing hard, and almost crying in desperation because of him – inside his mind forever.

“Please fuck me… ple… hah!” Masaki couldn’t finish his plea when Sho buried himself deep inside his ass in one harsh and abrupt thrust. The boy’s back formed a perfect and sensual arch over the bed as Sho started to move, grabbing his thighs so he couldn’t lower his legs.

“Fuck… you are so tight Masaki…” Sakurai gasped but all of the sudden Masaki grabbed his wrist and made him stop. He wanted to slap the boy’s hands away and continue but using a lot of self-control he asked “Is there something wrong…?”

“The condom…” Masaki whispered, his face red as a tomato. He knew he just gave Sakurai a blowjob without one, but that… that was different.

“But you said it was ok…”

“It was ok for that, not for this…” He was sure that Sho would get angry. He just stopped him in the middle of fucking him. He was sure that he…

“Ok. As you please, baby”

He was right. Sho didn’t even know who and how that boy had fucked before. How could have he been so irresponsible?

Masaki looked at Sakurai dumbfounded while he quickly pulled out and took one of the condoms, ripping the wrapper with his teeth before rolling the latex down his length.

“Legs up” he ordered as soon as he finished his task. Several seconds later Sho was filling Masaki up again, thrusting inside him with a wild, almost animal, impulse. He didn’t know why, but he never felt that way with anyone before. Maybe it was because that boy’s body reacted to him in such a perfect way. As if he was made for him… Don’t think stupid things, Sakurai. He’s just an easy fuck.

But he never had before an easy fuck that screamed like him every time he hit his prostate. Or that kissed him in such a desperate manner. It was like they wanted to devour and consume each other.

“Tell me Masaki… do you like it…?” Sho growled with his lips pressed on the thin neck, slamming his hips against the boy’s tights, faster and faster, as if he wanted to break him for real. Shit, he was about to come.

“I… ye--yes… Ngggh…” the rings of muscles tighten harder around him, taking his breath away. Masaki was ready too.

Sho suddenly pulled Aiba against him until he was straddling his hips. Masaki didn’t even take time to feel surprised, he started riding Sakurai’s cock instantly, burying it deep inside his body, and desperately trying to free the pleasure.

“Come on… baby… cum for me” it wasn’t a request, it was a demand. And once again Masaki couldn’t ignore it.

“Sa…!” he opened his mouth to scream Sakurai’s name but the man shut him up, kissing him. When the pleasure ripped through his spine, traveling to his dick, Masaki couldn’t help but letting out a sweet and husky cry that was suffocated against Sho’s lips.

Sakurai gripped Masaki’s hips and didn’t let him stop until he came too, ejaculating hard and filling the condom with his orgasm. Only then he released Masaki’s hips, where there were left red marks with his fingers shape.

Masaki collapsed on the bed, breathless and soaked in his own and Sakurai’s sweat. That was amazing… it was the only thing he could think. He never, ever, had such an intense orgasm before.

For a moment he even thought he was about to blackout.

Masaki was still eyes closed, enjoying the memory of the orgasm he just had when he felt Sakurai’s weight leaving the bed. Before he could say a single thing the man closed the bathroom’s door behind his back.

What was that…? He just fucked me and now he locks himself in the bathroom?

The sound of the water falling, smothered by the door, reached Masaki’s ears and he relaxed a bit. Maybe he just needed a shower… To be honest he needed one too. Only when Sakurai finished his shower – a shower that was really, really long – Masaki was proved wrong.

“Oh… you are still here” Sho mumbled when he saw Masaki still lying on the bed, naked, while he started to dress up.
“Yeah… I’m still here…” Masaki replied rather nervous, pulling the sheets up to cover himself, feeling suddenly shy. Sakurai was not looking at him as he wanted to eat him anymore.

“I paid for the whole night so you can spend it here if you want”

“Ah… thank you…” Masaki sat up still grabbing the covers “But… are you leaving?”

“Yeah. I had a lot of fun but tomorrow I have to wake up at six and it’s…” Sakurai checked his wristwatch. His tone was neutral and calm “Three in the morning. So yes, I have to go”


“Good night, Masaki”

“Good night…”

The sound of the room’s door closing was one of the loneliest sounds that Masaki had heard in his whole life.

“He didn't even give you his phone number?”

Masaki, sitting on Nino’s couch, looked at him with that puppy face that could break the heart of the toughest man in the world.
After his encounter with Sakurai, Masaki went home – of course he wouldn’t sleep in a love hotel for fun – but he couldn’t rest. His brain didn’t want to stop playing what happened that night as a terrible and repetitive movie.

He was miserably left with bittersweet memories and a butt ache.

Maybe he actually had a small, tiny, crush on Sakurai Sho as Nino said.

“No… he just fucked me senseless and then left. He said I could sleep in the love hotel’s room. Alone

“What an asshole…” His friend seemed really upset about Sakurai’s behavior. After a short pause he kept speaking “You know… You should take revenge… Scare him a little… or a lot. And while you are at it, get a date from him”

“What are you talking about Ninomi…?”

A devilish smile spread on Nino’s lips as he made a gesture with his finger, silently telling Masaki to come closer.
“Let me teach you, Aibashi…”


Friday was Sho’s favorite day of the week – as for almost the whole world – but not only because it meant the weekend was just around the corner. It was debate day and he loved to beat people with words.

Especially when “people” meant Oikawa Mamoru.

He was sick of people saying Oikawa was a sure winner of the elections just because he was older than him. Japanese politics and economy needed new blood. And which blood could be better than his? He was a Sakurai, he had it streaming through his veins, so what if he was 26 years old? He could make huge changes. Changes that old and conservative men like Oikawa couldn’t even imagine.

Besides, his popularity ratings were pretty high.

“Good morning Sakurai-san! How are you today?” one of his female supporters – he couldn’t even remember her name – greeted him as soon as he stepped inside the ministry’s building, flirtatiously smiling.

Wonderful. This Wednesday I fucked a really cute and hot boy. The way he screamed will make me happy for a whole week.

“Good morning! I’m fine. Looking forward to today’s debate. And you?” the woman started a long and boring speech about how her morning was going, but to be honest Sho wasn’t even listening at her anymore. Because Oikawa just entered the ministry “Good morning Oikawa-san. Are you ready for your crushing defeat today?”

Oikawa Mamoru was a man already in his 60s, his hair had turned white years ago and his face was filled with wrinkles. But he didn’t look like a vulnerable grandpa at all. Oikawa had the aura of someone purposeful and who knows that is in charge.

“Oh boy, it’s only a practice debate, you don’t have to be so eager. Although I guess you need all the practice you can get” the elder laughed and Sho had to use all his self-control to not give him a sassy reply. He was a polite adult after all.

“Oikawa-san, I’m sorry but we should be going. We still need to review some points…”

That voice leaked inside Sho’s body and made him tremble from head to toe.

Impossible. It’s impossible. It can’t be…

“Oh, I’m such an impolite old man” Oikawa laughed again and stepped to his side, letting Sho see the figure that had been hiding behind him “This is my new assistant. Aiba Masaki. He has been working for me a few weeks now and he’s really promising”

It can’t be the same person… But the dark and cute doe eyes were the same, the adorable and sexy at the same time face was the same. His lips. His nose. His hair. Even the smell. And of course the name. All was the same as the boy from two nights ago. No no no no… shit shit.

“I… I see…” Sho was left without words and that was all he could stutter. But it didn’t seem like the boy recognized him, his expression was serious and professional, if only a bit worried because his boss wouldn’t move. So maybe… maybe he could avoid the problem.


“Oh, yes yes. I’m sorry Aiba-chan. Let’s go. See you later, Sakurai-kun”

Sho raised a hand as goodbye, still trying to relax his crazy heartbeats. It was then when Aiba casually approached him, as if it was an accident, and whispered right into his ear “Nice to see you again, Sato-san” and left, following his boss.

The world around Sho was shattered into pieces only with those seven words. It was the end of his political career.

I’m more fucked up than Aiba was on Wednesday…

Nino’s plan was working perfectly, Masaki could tell it just looking at Sakurai.

His debate speech was terrible. He was extremely nervous and stuttered every time his eyes met with Masaki’s. And he was sweating like a pig.

However, it didn’t feel as good as Masaki thought it would. Sakurai seemed really troubled, as if he was about to collapse in any moment. He couldn’t help but feel compassion.

No. You shouldn’t pity him. He was such an asshole! He treated you as a cum bucket.

Several hours later the debate finally concluded and Masaki was free to come back home. He probably would invite Nino to come to his house. His ass still ached and all he wanted to do was lie down on his sofa. So, already in the building’s parking, he took out his smartphone from his suit’s pocket and he was about to write a message to his friend on Line when he heard a loud hawk.
And there was Sakurai Sho. As he expected.

“Hello again Sakurai-san… or should I say Sato-san?” Masaki’s voice sounded calm and friendly, not even a touch of irony.

“Aiba…” on the other hand Sho’s tone was a clear warning. It said ‘you shouldn’t play with fire’. He was not Masaki anymore “What do you want?”

“Excuse me?” Masaki stared at the man with a perfectly pretended dumbfounded expression.

“What do you want to keep your mouth shut? You want money, right? How much do you want?” as he was speaking he took a wad of cashier’s checks from the inside pocket of his blazer together with a Montblanc fountain pen.

“I don’t need your money, Sakurai” Masaki spit out, absolutely offended. How could he feel pity for such a shithead like that? Besides, what Masaki wanted probably would be more humiliating for Sakurai than giving him money. It was kinda sad…

“Then what the fuck do you want, Aiba? I can’t spend the whole day with this” Masaki let out a resigned sigh.

“A date”

Those two words fell like a rock over Sakurai’s head and a heavy and suffocating silence took over the parking.

“What the…?”

“I want to go on a date with you, Sakurai” this time Masaki’s voice was firmer.

“I don’t go on dates with men”

“Well, you should this time” Masaki didn’t say anything more but it clearly sounded like a warning. Of course he wasn’t planning to betray Sakurai at all, but the man thought so – as Nino predicted – so Masaki could take a little advantage of it. A tiny fake blackmail won’t hurt anyone, his friend said, he won’t go on a date with you otherwise.

Masaki snatched the checks and the fountain pen from Sakurai’s hands and wrote his phone number all over one of them, ruining it before giving it back to the man, who was looking at him astonished.

“Call me when you have some free time. I’m patient, but please don’t forget about it, ok? See you, Sakurai-san”

“See… you…” Sakurai was still looking at the check between his hands as if it was a dead kitten and when Masaki got into his dear white Porsche Cayman his smile was radiant.

That would be so much fun.


A/N: As I promissed here is the second chapter!! I hope you like it (cause I'm not really sure about the smut OTL)
As you can see Sho is a HUGE asshole
(◡‿◡✿) (I'm sorry, it's Estefy's fault) but he'll become a better person... or not. (⊙‿⊙✿)
Anyway I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I'll update as soon as I can!

A/N 2: Sorry if there are terrible grammar mistakes. English is not a native language for neither of us OTL

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