20 November 2015 @ 10:49 pm
Title: Zutto Soba Ni Iru Yo.
Author: hinode91 (Aby)
Pairings: Sakuraiba (main), Matsumiya (side).
Chapter: 1/?

Rating: R-ish (Because of the swear words. For now).
Genre: Romance, smut (in future chapters), angst (in future chapters), AU.
Sho Sakurai is the youngest candidate to minister of economy in Japan's history. He's well educated, smart and really rich but he's living a double-life: At night he goes to Ni-chōme, using a fake name to hunt one-night stands.
Masaki who is celebrating his job promotion in the gay district runs into Sho, who tries to hit on him.
But Masaki already knows who he truly is...
Disclamer: I wish I owned them, but sadly I don't.
Banner and plot: A lot of thanks for my dear [livejournal.com profile] heavenly23 who made it for me!! I really love it, thank you waifu! And thank you too for forming this idea with me

The plot was born from a ropleplay I did with her and I wanted to turn it into a fanfic. To clear it, this is not a collab (^o^;) The general plot is from both of us but I'm the only author.

Chapter 1

“…I’m Sato Shunsuke, nice to meet you”

Masaki stared at the man that just introduced himself with a dumbfounded expression, mouth wide open.  Not because he was extremely beautiful – full, pouty lips, big and dark eyes, a smile that could kill a crowd –. Not because he was obviously hitting on him. Not even because the way he was looking at him, like he was a prey ready to be eaten.

It was because Sato Shunsuke wasn’t his real name.

His real name was Sakurai Sho, and Masaki knew him really well.

It had been ages since the last time Masaki went to Ni-chōme. He just started working – working for real, not be the cabinet’s slut (aka intern) for a miserable salary anymore – as secretary for Oikawa Mamoru, one of the two candidates for economy minister. Finally he got the work he always dreamed about, the wage was pretty high and, like Nino said, it was time to celebrate it (and spend his first salary in alcohol). And just like that they ended up in an overcrowded club in the gay neighborhood.

“Gin and tonic for me. Go, Masaki” Nino said as soon as they found a table close to the dance floor and his ass touched the stool.

“I’m not your servant, you know?” Masaki complained, but he left his seat anyway and went to the bar with an amused smile decorating his lips. Nino was always like that, a brat, and it was one of his charms.

The club was full to the brim and it was difficult to move between the bodies dancing, flowing with the beat of the music. The dry ice smoke and the stroboscopic lights didn’t help neither, making everything look dark and shiny at the same time. But after a few minutes of agony – and stumbles –, Masaki worked his way to the club’s bar. Right in the last step someone ran into him and he tripped over again…

Landing on a stranger.

“Ah! I’m really sorry! Someone hit me and…” his words died when his gaze met with a pair of big, dark eyes. His whole body trembled. Those eyes were looking at him in a way they never did before… To be honest those eyes never really looked at him in any way before.

Because Sakurai Sho, the youngest candidate to minister of economy in Japan’s history, was a person way too busy and way too important to notice someone like Masaki.

Until now.

“Don’t worry. I don’t mind if someone as handsome as you falls over me” the smile that Sakurai flashed to Masaki made him feel dizzy, and even more embarrassed.

It wasn’t like he was a fan of that devilishly beautiful and sexy man, but they worked on the same sector. And how could you ignore someone like Sakurai Sho when you saw him almost every day for a whole year?

“Ah… uhm… thank you” that was all Masaki could mumble as reply, while his mind was working at the speed of light.

Is Sakurai Sho gay!? But isn’t he having omiai like every week? Well, he was obviously gay – or at least bi – since he was in a club in Ni-chōme and, more important, he was hitting on Masaki. Probably he has them because of his reputation…

“And how come I’ve never seen you before around here?” Sakurai crushed Masaki’s thoughts leaning towards him. The expensive cologne mixed with the sweat and the sweet fragrance of the vodka was the best thing Masaki had smelled in his almost 24 years of life.

“Maybe you didn’t look hard enough” by the moment Masaki realized it, the words had already spilt out of his mouth. What the hell with me!? I can’t flirt with this man.

“Oh… But I am doing it now” Sakurai’s polite smile turned into a wolf-like one and Masaki suddenly felt like a vulnerable, little animal. And he liked it. “By the way, I’m Sato Shunsuke, nice to meet you…”

So he’s even using a fake name… I guess if people find out that he really is Sakurai Sho his reputation would be crushed into pieces.

“Aiba. Aiba Masaki” he finally replied after a short pause.

“Really nice to meet you, Aiba-san”

“Nice to meet you too” Sakurai-san, he added inside his mind.

With Sakurai’s eyes fixed on him, Masaki shook an arm in the hair to attract the barman’s attention. It was difficult to concentrate but he managed to stutter “A gin and tonic, and a pina colada” under the interested gaze of the man beside him.

“So… do you like sweet or bitter drinks?” Sakurai leaned even closer towards him, resting an elbow on the bar, pretending to be really interested. But Masaki was pretty sure that all he wanted was to erase the space between them.

“Sweet” was Masaki’s succinct, shaky reply.

“I see. Sweet fits you…” Sakurai’s voice was a purr while his eyes were traveling by Masaki’s whole body in the semidarkness of the club.

“Although I don’t like everything sweet” Masaki pointed out, wanting to kick himself seconds later.

Holy shit, shut up Aiba.

But he had already said it, and Sakurai seemed surprised but satisfied to an indecent point.

“Ah… ah! My friend is calling me! I’m sorry… Sa…to-san” he cursed himself when he almost said Sakurai. Masaki wasn’t sure why, but he didn’t want to ruin the man’s cover.

“See you later, sweetie” Sakurai whispered with a cheeky smile, and Masaki’s heart almost stopped.

“See you…”

Masaki grabbed the drinks and flew to his table, where Nino was waiting for him with a grin that made him look extremely happy or crazy as hell. Without actually calling him, by the way.

“Who’s that hottie, Aibashi!?” Nino, subtle as always, pointed the bar with one of his short fingers.

“He said he’s Sato Shunsuke but he’s, without doubt, Sakurai Sho” he settled into the stool and gave the gin and tonic glass to his friend, who was staring at him with his eyes wide opened.

“Sakurai Sho…? The Sakurai Sho that is candidate to minister of economy…? The one that has you always drooling…?”

“I don’t drool, Ninomiya!”

“Oh yes, you do” his friend’s mocking tone made Masaki want to punch his cute, bratty face “Did he recognize you?”

“I think he wouldn’t have hit on me if he…”

“So he flirted with you” Nino sounded stupidly satisfied.

“Well, I think, maybe…” Masaki muttered. Did he…? Of course he did. Even Masaki – that was one of the most airheaded people in the whole world – could notice that.

“If he was flirting with you, you just should relax and have fun with him”

“I don’t want to have fun with him” Masaki complained, making air quotes “You know I’m serious about relationships. I don’t want to fuck the first guy that comes across me”

“He’s not just a guy, he’s Sakurai Sho. You knew him for a year and you have a crush on him”

“I don’t have a crush on him! We didn’t even talk once until tonight! I'm just not a whore like you” He grumbled, but Nino wasn’t paying attention to him already.

“And… Isn’t Sakurai’s buddy Matsumoto Jun!?” that remark made Masaki stop his own mumbled speech about the reasons why he should flirt with men that are looking for a wife and finally he noticed that, in fact, Sakurai was talking with someone that was sitting beside him.

“Matsumoto Jun…?”

“Come one, Masaki! I can’t believe you don’t know the super model MJ. Well you didn’t even notice him until now…”

“I do know Matsumoto Jun, but…” I was way too busy looking at Sakurai Sho’s perfect face, and letting him flirt with me. And he shouldn’t.

He was more than sure that Sakurai was only looking for a one-night entertainment and Masaki didn’t like that kind of relationship. It made him feel used. So flirting with a guy that was an important figure in Japan’s politics and that was searching for a respectable – female – candidate as his partner meant no good.

“They are coming…” Nino whispered after a few seconds of silence, and Masaki almost chocked on his pina colada “Masaki, please, don’t throw up now. I’m excited too but… Hello guys, what’s up?”

“I’m not throwing up and it’s not because of excitement….” Masaki protested under his breath between coughs. He was still coughing when Sakurai and Matsumoto made their appearance in front of the table.

Matsumoto Jun was an extraordinary beautiful man too, Masaki had to admit, but in a really different way than Sakurai was. While the last one was masculine and well built, Matsumoto’s figure was elegant and thinner than his friend’s. His eyes weren’t round – although they were big too – but feline, and they were surrounded by thick black lashes… and also they were fixed on Nino’s face.

“You fancy a drink?” the model asked in a soft, sensual way, without even returning the greeting. It was obvious that all his attention was for Nino in that moment. As response Nino grabbed his glass and drank all the gin and tonic in one go, smiling at Matsumoto afterwards.

“Yeah, my glass is empty”

What a slut he is… Masaki thought, internally smiling. At least until Nino left his seat with a little jump to grip on Matsumoto’s arm.

“Later, Aibashi… or not. Have fun!” the just-formed couple turned around and disappeared between the crowd that was moving on the dance floor.

“Nino, wait…!” Masaki’s voice was swallowed up by the pulse of the techno music and he knew that even if Nino could hear him, he wouldn’t come back. He was left alone with Sakurai Sho.

Masaki was fidgeting like crazy on his seat while Sakurai, at the club’s bar, was ordering a pair of drinks for them.

What the hell am I doing…?

Even when he didn’t like one-night stands, he loved to flirt – especially with beautiful men like Sakurai Sho – but… Why. He. Couldn’t. Resist. It.This. Time. Now because of his stupidity he was stuck with a man that was heterosexual to the public eye.

I’m sure I have a radar for problematic men… I should leave before it’s too…

“Here, your strawberry daiquiri” a big, full of a pink liquid, glass was placed in front of Masaki’s face when he was about to leave his seat.


“Thank you, Sato-san” Masaki replied with all the courtesy he could, and grabbed the straw to take a long swig of the drink. When the sweet rum, mixed with the flavor of the strawberries, went down his throat, he couldn’t hold back a soft moan.

“You really like sweet things…” Sakurai commented, his voice a little shaky.

Did I just made Sakurai Sho – the calmest man in the whole world – feel nervous…? And just like that Masaki forgot that he didn’t want to flirt with him. He couldn’t even remember why he didn’t want to.

“As I said… I like sweet foods and sweet drinks… but sometimes I like… harder things” Masaki’s voice, which was naturally husky, became even huskier then. It almost sounded like a purr.

He couldn’t believe that cliché phrase would work on Sakurai… but it did. He could saw how the man’s Adam’s apple went up and down as he gulped, and his eyes were dark as a moonless night even under the colorful stroboscopic lights.

“But you look so vulnerable and cute…” Sakurai whispered, placing a hand on Masaki’s cheek. His skin was hot and soft, and his lips were so close to Masaki’s ones that they sent chills all over the younger’s body.

“Actually I'm pretty tough…” he replied in a low but decided tone. The alcohol was mading its appearance and It seemed to amuse Sakurai a lot.

“Oh really? I would like you to prove me how tough you are”

Masaki’s heart skipped a beat. It felt as if Sakurai’s low and deep voice leaked inside his skin, reducing his bones to pure jelly, and Nino’s voice echoed in his mind: …you just should relax and have fun with him. And he knew that following Nino’s advice was the same as following Satan’s one. But he wanted to feel those lips, and those hands, and that body… He really wanted to.

It hasn’t anything to do with logic anymore.

“Ok, then let me show you how tough I can be”


Me? Writing a long series...? REALLY? Yeah, really.
I know it will be hard for me since I'm lazy as hell, but I really wanted to write this story and I'll try to post it regularly, I promise!
Anyway I hope you liked it! And I'm sorry that this chapter was so short but I wanted it to end there *evil laugh*

Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated!

PD: I'm sorry about my crappy english m(_ _)m
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