Prompt: “YOU DID WHAT!?"
Pairing: Sakuraiba.
Rating: PG (I guess?????)

Author: hinode91
Disclamer: I wish I owned them, but sadly I don’t.

The tenth time Aiba avoided his gaze that morning Sho thought he would explode of pure frustration and anger. He was not a patient person.

What the fuck with him?

“Hey, Masaki…” Sho finally called the younger man when the other members left the green room.

“Uh-uhm…?” Was Aiba fidgeting? Ok, that was actually a little bit cute.

Concentrate, Sakurai.

“Did I do something wrong?” Sho asked, and he would have sworn Masaki looked like he was about to faint.

“Something wrong…? No… You didn’t do anything, Sho-chan…” Aiba mumbled, again not looking at him. That made Sho blow up.

“Then what is your problem!?” growled Sho and his friend stared at him with his big doe eyes wide-opened. “You’ve spent all day avoiding me! I’m your boyfriend for God’s sake, Masaki! Can I know what the hell happened?”

“I knew you would get mad at me…” said Aiba in a weak voice and Sho didn’t know if laugh or yell.

“Why!? I’m angry because I don’t know what happens with you!” Sho placed his hands firmly on his friend’s shoulders and eyed him trying to stay calm “Can you please Masaki tell me what happened?”

A tense silence took over the room for a few seconds but finally Aiba started muttering “Yesteday…”


“I went with Matsujun for a few drinks…”

“Yeah, I know. And…?”

“We drank a lot and we talked about how amazing is being part of Arashi…”

“Ok… and?”

“And… I… Ikissedhimonthelips”

The last part was a jumble but even with that, Sho could understand every word as if they stabbed his brain “YOU DID WHAT?!”

“I’m so sorry Sho-chan!! Sososososososososo sorry!! I’m s–!!” Aiba couldn’t finish the sentence, suddenly his friend’s mouth shut him up with a bruising, wet kiss. For a couple of minutes all Masaki could feel was Sho everywhere: Sho’s hard body against his, Sho’s teeth on his lips, Sho’s tongue roughly claiming his mouth…

“You are mine, Masaki. Mine” said Sho against Masaki’s lips, his voice was low, husky and dark. The kind of voice that let Aiba know he was in trouble… but that always made him shiver anyway “I think you need to remember it.”
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