21 June 2015 @ 01:44 pm
This one is really long, I'm sorry OTL


Prompt: “Well this is awkward…”
Pairing: Sakuraiba.
Rating: G.
Author: hinode91
Disclamer: I wish I owned them, but sadly I don’t.

“Come on, Sho-chan! I need to call kaachan right now and my phone died! Let me use yours!” Masaki demanded trying to snatch Sho’s mobile from the rapper’s hand.

“God, no, Masaki. Last time you drained the battery completely.”  Sho grumbled, his hand moving to avoid Aiba’s attacks.

To be honest that wasn’t the main reason for not lending his friend the phone, but it was a good one too.

“Sho-chan please, please, please…”

Oh no. Not that puppy tone.

“Sho-chan… please…?”

“Nnnn–… Masaki!!”

Before Sho could realize it Masaki snatched the mobile from his hand, laughing and running away like a mischievous kid. ‘God dammit!’ was the only thing that the rapper could think, getting off the couch and trying to catch Aiba.

“Masaki, don’t…” Sho’s voice was authoritative but it was too late, Masaki had already unlocked the phone and was looking at the screen with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Well this is awkward…” Sho whispered, shifting his weight from one leg to another.

But Aiba wasn’t listening to him. The mobile wallpaper was capturing all his attention.

A pic of the kiss that they shared in the Vs Arashi was looking at him from Sho’s mobile. Sho’s mobile wallpaper was their kiss…

“Masaki… I… I can explain…”

“Sho-chan.” The shorter man tensed up when Aiba said his name with that serious tone and looked at him almost terrified. He was sure his friend was thinking he was gross. Probably he hated him now. Probably… “I want you to send me this pic. It’s not fair that you are the only one using it as wallpaper!”

Sho was astonished but little by little the bigger smile in the world took over his face.

“Of course.”
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