20 December 2015 @ 08:57 pm
Title: Zutto Soba Ni Iru Yo.
hinode91 (Aby)
Pairings: Sakuraiba (main), Matsumiya (side).
Chapter: 5/?

Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, smut, angst, AU.
Sho Sakurai is the youngest candidate to minister of economy in Japan's history. He's well educated, smart and really rich but he's living a double-life: At night he goes to Ni-chōme, using a fake name to hunt one-night stands.
Masaki who is celebrating his job promotion in the gay district runs into Sho, who tries to hit on him.
But Masaki already knows who he truly is...

Disclamer: I wish I owned them, but sadly I don't.
Banner and beta: heavenly23 (Estefy) thank you waifuuuu

Plot: From a roleplay I did with heavenly23 (Estefy) [Not a collab]

“I want you to stay, Masaki” Sho grabbed his wrists when he tried to pull off the t-shirt, intensely staring at him with a lingering trace of desperation on his expression. It’s terrifying but I want you to. )
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